Stories matter.

  • They are the catalyst of learning.
  • They are the glue of culture.
  • They are the heart of legacy.
  • They build bridges and break down walls.
They emPower us. They shape us. And, for authors, they are us.

We care for books like they are our own.

We understand your challenges, goals and dreams as an author.

We know the dedication you’ve put into your book and your business. We recognize the effort you’ve invested in bringing your message to life because it’s our foundation as well.

Founder and Chief Strategist of the emPower PR Group, Stephanie Feger, understands the challenges of book marketing and has created the solution she wished existed for herself as an author.




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Your message, book and business are in good hands.

Our speciality is supporting authors and authorprenuers…

  • Write marketable books that people demand (even before they are published).
  • Successfully launch books that enjoy well-deserved bestseller recognition. 
  • Build and grow meaningful businesses from authors’ emPowering messages.
  • Plan and execute marketing strategies to reach ideal readers and clients. 
  • Become emPactful authority brands and thought leaders who leave a legacy.

Discover Our Story

At the emPower PR Group, we understand that the power of a good story is not limited to the pages of a book. We believe that storytelling is the foundation of effective marketing, and we apply this principle to all of our work with authors. Since we are in the storytelling business, we thought you may enjoy reading ours!

Color Today Pretty

Stephanie never imagined she would publish a book, but life had other plans. Amid pregnancy insomnia and corporate burnout, she found an outlet in the blank page.

Her best ideas come to her in three ways: while taking a hot bath, driving with her kids in tow and in the depths of dreams. Unexpectedly, one dream didn’t just stick with her; it changed everything, becoming the thread that tied together the book she never planned to write.

Stephanie’s first book, Color Today Pretty, not only inspired readers but also led to the creation of a business she never knew she was meant to build.

Stephanie Feger Writing

Stephanie kept her writings hidden for years, using them as a personal outlet. However, potential layoffs looming prompted her to try something new: blogging.

She began sharing her stories and honing her author voice. To her surprise, her followers began asking when she would publish a book.The seed of a book idea was planted, and she was ready for it to grow.

Writing a book is one thing; publishing and marketing it is another. How would Stephanie fund the journey? She turned to another creative outlet to make that happen.

Stephanie met a book coach who inspired her to write and publish a book, but she faced a challenge: how to fund it.

Her love for wreath-making began with a Christmas gift for her family. After sharing her creation on social media, she was surprised by the demand for custom wreaths. Quickly she discovered making wreaths was a way to fund her book business.

In 6 months, she raised enough to finance her book dream, and within 2 years, she made or taught people to make over 1,000 wreaths that adorn doors all across the country.

Stephanie Feger

Stephanie was impacted by the imminent corporate layoff, but she was prepared. She opted to use her freedom and funds to publish her book.

Before launch, she presented her promotion plan to her writing community and impressed her book coach and publisher with her marketing strategic insights.

She revealed that marketing was her expertise, having studied it in school and worked over 15 years in the industry. This realization sparked her passion to merge her skills with her desire to help authors share their message, leading to the creation of the emPower PR Group.

emPower PR Group

We haven’t just studied authorship and authorpreneurship; we’ve lived it.

Stephanie learned what it takes to write a marketable book. She uncovered how to create demand for a book before it ever comes to fruition. She saw obstacles as opportunities and learned how to run a business to fund her dream, which later would help her build her business. She learned what works and what doesn’t, and she shares her tried-and-true strategies with authors who are looking to make a meaningful author emPact.

Our story matters because it led us to being able to help you share yours! What a gift that is.

Stephanie Feger

The book writing, publishing and marketing industry is constantly evolving. We stay current on marketing and author trends, while also remaining committed to what drives success and what is simply a distraction.

Stephanie never loses sight of author needs by remaining an active author herself. Her published books include:

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Hear how we’ve aided authors at different stages of their book marketing journey through firsthand accounts.

We are the emPower PR Group.

Discover the breadth of expertise of our team and how we can assist in your book marketing efforts.



Founder + Chief Strategist

Stephanie prioritizes strategy over movement and understands the power of empowered individuals to empower others. This belief is at the foundation of all she does.

The emPower PR Group offers core programs for 1:1 coaching, consulting and execution support by Stephanie to ensure clients leave feeling emPowered. All services include collaboration from her.

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Director of Operations

Stephanie and Jesse are like peas and carrots; they work together beautifully with Jesse contributing operational, project management, design and research support on all projects.

They are dedicated to delivering exceptional results that meet their clients’ goals and together, they work tirelessly to ensure that each project is a success.

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Stephanies Social


Director of Engagement

As an editor and copy writer by trade, but having grown to appreciate and learn each step of the book creation and publication process, Audrey is what you would call a Jill-of-all-trades.

Working with authors to bring their books to those who need them most is her passion, evident in everything she touches. Stephanie and Audrey are constantly herding cats; both in their work collaborations and in their home life with their furry besties.

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Meet your emPowerment team.

Stephanie doesn’t do all of this alone. (And neither should you!)

While Stephanie and Jesse are at the helm of the emPower PR Group, they bring in industry experts to support specific marketing services for authors.

Discover our team’s comprehensive book marketing industry knowledge, providing expert guidance and support for all your author needs.



Web Developer

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Podcast Editor

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