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I’d like to introduce myself and answer some questions that are frequently asked so that when we hop on a 15-minute chit chat, we can spend the time we have together highlighting you, your needs and how the emPower PR Group can help you most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the emPower PR Group, we love authors, we love books and we love helping authors market their books. While the best way to get answers to your questions is through our 15-minute chit chats, below offers answers to some frequent questions we are asked.

While they both may have two of the same words—book + coach—the support each provides is different. 

Book coaches help aspiring authors with the book writing process. They are skilled with development visioning, building upon a creative concept of a book idea, and supporting writers through the process from outlining to completed manuscript. Some can provide you editing support, networking with complementary service providers in the industry (such as book formatters, literary agents, publishers, AND book marketing strategists and coaches). 

A book marketing coach is a marketing strategist at heart. They understand the ins and outs of the marketing, PR and communications industry and apply it to the book industry. As an author myself, I’ve merged my skill set in marketing and blend it with my passion for books and because I have navigated the writing, publishing and book marketing process as an author, I know what you need to focus on and how to achieve the goals you have set. 

Expect a book marketing coach to help you write a marketable book (I’m talking about one that is poised to sell from the beginning). A book marketing coach will help you promote your book to those who need it, want it and will buy it by providing you with the marketing strategy and tactical support that you need to make this happen. AND a book marketing coach will help you build a meaningful business around your book’s empowering messages and support you with the marketing insights needed to support your business and its systems, offerings and sales. 

See the difference?! Book coaches focus on the book itself. Book marketing coaches help you take the book and use it to make a difference in the lives of others. 

When you are traveling to a new vacation spot, you likely need to rely on your GPS (or an old fashioned map) to help you get there. When you are wanting to cook a new dinner dish, you likely have a recipe that you are working from (and a grocery list that you make to navigate the store!). When you want to make a job change, you likely create a plan to identify where you want to apply and the steps to be marketable. When you are writing your book, you probably created an outline to ensure that all of the points that you want to make are made! 

And that brings us to the power of a marketing plan. How can you tackle marketing when you haven’t a clue what your marketing goals are in the first place? A strategic plan can provide clarity, direction and strategic movement. And here at the emPower PR Group, we only believe in movement with strategy. A book marketing plan will help focus your limited time and resources on the most impactful marketing tactics. This ensures that your marketing tactics move your overarching marketing goals forward. In a world of shiny new objects (yes, that’s marketing for ya!), we want to ensure that the tactics we use are the right objects (marketing strategies and tactics) to make a meaningful difference in your efforts. With that in mind, it is important to share that we aren’t in the business of creating 100-page marketing plans that collect dust. Our marketing plans keep everyone focused without making anyone’s head spin!

Now. It’s never too early to begin to market your book, even if you haven’t written the book yet. In fact, the sooner you can begin to market your book, the better. To shed some light on this topic, here’s a link to a webinar I conducted that outlines some tips on how to market your book from day one. You may find it insightful prior to our chat!

Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach (and anyone who tells you differently should inspire you to run quickly in the opposite direction). However, in working with countless nonfiction authors, we have identified the core elements of what marketing strategies are most effective and aligned them with our offerings to help us best support and serve you. While the tactical marketing efforts will vary from author to author and marketing need to marketing need, how we provide you that support doesn’t have to. We offer three book marketing coaching and support packages, and during our interest call together, our goal is to determine which will best serve your needs. 

Our core programs offer a multitude of solutions to help you.

  • Our Book Marketing Plans offer the best solution to help you (and help us) get from point A to point B successfully. For authors who want a guide to success, our book marketing plans offer that solution. And, outside of our strategy sessions, our additional core offerings require our book marketing plan first so that our team knows how to best help and support you.
  • Speaking of our Strategy Sessions, this is a 1-hour coaching call for authors who want marketing strategies and insights now! I call this the “pick Stephanie’s brain” session and recommend authors come prepared with more ideas than they thought could possibly be jammed into 60 minutes.
  • VIP Days offer authors immediate, in-the-weeds strategy or execution support. Whether you need a strategy day or execution support, a VIP Day puts you and your book marketing needs front and center for a 5-hour timeframe. Some authors utilize a VIP Day for a one-time support effort and others bring the emPower PR Group on for a monthly or quarterly retainer VIP Day. It’s all based on your needs and how we can best serve them.
  • Many authors want hands-on execution support and our Intensives serve as a 1-month solution where our team offers hands-on, tactical support for three selected marketing efforts and we roll-up our sleeves and take action.
  • For authors who want assistance with writing a marketable book, launching a book and/or building or growing a business, our 3-Month Deep Dives offer unparalleled marketing support as we seamlessly integrate with you and your team to address your book and business needs.
  • We do have some on-demand workshops and self-guided programs you may also benefit from.

We also have a suite of marketing services for authors who need specific deliverables including:

Since there isn’t a single journey that works for all authors, our 15-minute chats help identify the right next steps for you.

We sure can. In fact, the emPower PR Group was originally designed to help authors like you best! You are willing to roll up your sleeves and take action. But you are seeking strategic marketing guidance and insights to be your roadmap. Depending upon the nature of your book marketing needs, we can determine which program and offering will best suit you during our interest chat.

We are more than happy to help! In fact, most authors fall into this category. I’ll never forget an author telling me that she would rather clean toilets than market her book. That single statement was proof to me that some people, even if they could learn the marketing skills to execute, just don’t want to! And others find that all of the marketing options are too overwhelming.  Either way, the emPower PR Group is designed to support you where you are and how you need support best.

Stephanie Feger, the owner and chief strategist here, leads the marketing strategy for every author we work with. But, together with her team, we can also bring the marketing tactics to life. Some marketing execution support is included in the programs and offerings while other more specialized marketing support could be completed by subject matter experts on the team. For instance, the emPower PR Group has varied collaborators that support unique marketing tactics for authors including: website design, graphic design and author branding, podcast creation, photography, videography, content creation, social media, media relations, and more! Our 15-minute chit chat will open the conversation to all of the tactical support we can provide.

The emPowered PR Group offers done-with-you and done-for-you services. We always lead with strategy, and depending upon your needs and your interest in rolling up your sleeves or not, we have solutions to support you achieve your goals.

Your marketing investment varies based on the package and offering you select. Check out our website to learn more about each offering and see pricing as well. We have no hidden fees, and all of our pricing is clearly stated on the website.

Our packages are designed to support authors where and how they need it. Through the authors we have supported over the years, we have fine-tuned the marketing needs of most nonfiction authors and built our offerings to be solutions for those needs based on how we feel can best help. While we don’t offer discounts for our programs, offerings and services, we do provide immense value and offer our authors access to special bonuses, tools and other offerings based on their needs during our work together.

The packages and offerings that we provide are designed with the author and their needs in mind. The packages that we will talk about during your interest chat is likely the beginning of our work together. These packages will help articulate your marketing strategy and specific and tangible deliverables depending upon your need. After we complete our work together as outlined in the package you select, we can always add additional support should you want to continue our collaboration. Also, each author’s needs are unique—and some may require us to leverage the skills of other team members, which could impact the package and offerings we select. Let’s leverage our time together during our interest chat to get to the root of your marketing needs and then we can determine the best solution for you. 

It depends (and I’m confident you won’t like hearing that answer!). Some authors are merely looking for marketing strategy guidance, and for them, a one-hour or one-day deep dive is enough. However, many authors we work with find that the 3-month deep dives in collaboration has the right pace of focused moment and breathing room for strategy development, support for unseen marketing opportunities or needs, and layered efforts for less of a learning curve (for those authors who want to be empowered to navigate marketing independently afterward).

Our 15-minute chit chat is our first step in learning your marketing needs and identifying how we can best help you. If we think we can support you in some way, we will definitely offer up a time for us to leverage a 15-minute chat. We do offer our Marketing Strategy Session as a 1-hour coaching call, and many find that consultation work helpful. If you are looking for marketing advice on an ongoing basis, the best way to get that is by joining our email list. (Just let us know you are interested and we will add you to it!) We provide complimentary workshops for nonfiction authors, and we also host The emPowered Author Podcast which provides marketing insights weekly. Also, we have a robust YouTube channel that is filled with oodles of book marketing advice. 

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