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The emPowered Author Podcast

Stephanie has been there, done that and knows exactly what you need to succeed in your book marketing efforts. Whether you’re a first-time author or a pro, gain valuable insights and practical advice from Stephanie and her guests on building your author platform, creating effective launch strategies and more.

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Gain a Trusted Friend on Your Book Marketing Journey

“Stephanie is very personable and really wants to help! This is by far the most useful podcast for me.”

Actionable Insights Designed Specifically for Authors

“Each episode is packed with critical information which is important since I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands.”

Expert Interviews and Author Best-Practices

“The wisdom and insight from each episode provides a break from the inner struggles we face in our craft so we can get back to our readers.”

The Voice Behind the Podcast

Hey, Stephanie here and emPower is my middle name. Well, not really but it should be! I truly love emPowering authors, and that’s the goal of this podcast.

I’ve combined my passion for reading, writing and marketing books to help nonfiction authors succeed. This podcast offers actionable marketing strategies and tactics, so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by the countless options and fear of missing out in our ever-expanding digital world.

Grab a pen (and a chai tea latte) and let’s discuss one of the most critical efforts to help your book achieve the success it deserves (and the success you deserve too!).


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Insights into the Podcast

Books mean business. When authors write and publish a book, they unknowingly launch a business. It may start with a single book, but it can open doors to so much more. Discover the untapped potential and possibilities that lie within the pages of your book.

Season 8 explores how a book can build or grow a business. See how our team can help you. Also, looking for additional insights on authorpreneurship, order your copy of Stephanie’s book, Make Your Author emPact: Sell More Books, Increase Your Reach & Achieve Your Why.

Anyone can write a book if they put their mind to it. But emPowered people write marketable books; ones that will sell. If writing a book that will make an impact on the lives of others is a dream of yours, you’ll find tips on the writing and publishing process and insights that will help you write a book that will make an impact and on that will sell.

Season 3 shares the ins and outs of writing a book that speaks to your readers and potential clients. Learn how to become an emPowered writer.

You have a book; isn’t that your brand?! While your empowering message may be found within your book, you are bigger than your book, and your brand is, too. Every (business) brand — especially your author brand — tells a story. When done right, a brand tells the story you want to share in a way that inspires people to take action, exactly how you would like them to.

Season 2 digs into all aspects of an author brand, helping you realize that your brand is much bigger than you realize. Let’s design you an author brand.

Book marketing success isn’t about doing all the things; it’s about doing the right things to reach the right people who are looking to invest in your message. The secret to get there is a lovely little methodology called inbound marketing which is our topic for this season. Uncover the what, the why and the how of inbound marketing and learn how attracting and engaging the right readers is usually more effective than advertising and direct selling.

Season 11 highlights the importance of giving value first instead of just looking for the next book sale. If our team can help you with your inbound marketing efforts, let’s chat.

Our world has become extremely visual. One that makes us a bit more “social” and, now more than ever before, photos matter. From selfies to live photos and headshot to lifestyle branding, photography is a way we tell stories, and for my author friends out there, I wanted to make sure you have what you need to tell your visual story in a way that complements your written one.

Season 5 highlights focuses the lens on the photography insights you need to accompany your author branding efforts. Let’s talk photos.

Plans offer a path. They help you create goals and metrics to know you’ve achieved them. They give you direction and focus, ensuring you don’t get sideswiped by shiny new offerings. Plans are door openers, game-changing and business-alerting when they are being used. No dust-collecting plans over here. I live for living, breathing plans that help you get where you want to go.

This season of The emPowered Author Podcast highlights all things plans… how to create a marketing plan and leverage it to write a marketable book, build a business, sell books and more. If our team can help you with your book or business marketing plan, let’s chat.

Hosting a podcast can be a powerful solution for reaching readers. While being a guest on podcasts can increase visibility and book sales, with strategic purpose, hosting your own podcast can be even more impactful.

Season 1 highlights how hosting a podcast could be the most impactful marketing tactic for achieving your book marketing goals. See how our team can help you.

Social media has changed everything It’s changed how we connect with people, and it’s changed how we promote our offerings… and authors, you can’t escape that. But where should you be? How much time should you spend on it? What is worth your personal and financial investment?

This season of The emPowered Author Podcast highlights the role social media should play in an author’s marketing strategy and offers insights on how to best optimize and engage accordingly. Download The Author’s Guide to the Social Dilemma where you can follow along, take notes and uncover how you are going to tackle social.

What can happen when a book coach and a book marketer come together for a virtual chat with a cup of caffeine?! Anything! In this season, Stephanie Feger, owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, shares some of her favorite topics highlighted in a weekly LinkedIn Live she co-hosts with Jennifer Crosswhite, book coach and editor, of Tandem Services Ink.

Each week, Stephanie and Jennifer chat, answering author questions on LinkedIn. If you have a question, DM Stephanie here!

There’s a misconception in book marketing that the most complicated tactics are the most effective. Sometimes, that’s accurate. But many times, it’s not. In fact, some of my favorite — and most effective — book marketing ideas are the simplest and ready to implement now. In this season, Stephanie Feger highlights some of her favorite and most unique book marketing ideas and you’ll be surprised to hear how easy they really are!

And, if you want Stephanie’s brain on your book, give her an hour and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you get!

Authors don’t need a website to stick out; they need one to fit in. Your website should be the heart of your digital visibility and business efforts.

Season 4 walks you through everything you need to know (and everything you didn’t know you needed to know) about author websites including insights on what should be included as well as a tip sheet on what you need prior to working with a web developer. Let’s help you with an author website.

As a first time author, I have used her strategies to build my website, prepare for my head shots, and make sure that I have a consistent brand message.
The podcast offers tangible, actionable tips and ideas for authors, coaches and consultants to connect with a wider audience and amplify their messages.
I have really enjoyed listening to Stephanie’s engaging topics and she knew the perfect guests to bring on that complement her in every way.

Make a book marketing bestie.

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