Every brand, especially your author brand, tells a story.

Make sure you’re telling the right one by taking the time to define it, refine it and share it.

A well-crafted author brand can:

  • Inspire readers to action by aligning your values.
  • Connect your author and authorpreneur overarching story.
  • Establish a strong, memorable presence in a crowded book market.
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Branding isn’t meant to be a tactic of a strategy; it’s meant to bring your strategy to life.

Branding articulates your strategy and should be a top-of-mind consideration, not an afterthought.

Forbes estimates that Americans are exposed to 4,000-10,000 ads each day, meaning each brand must tell a unique story that inspires action. With so much competition, it’s crucial to ensure your brand stands out positively. As an aspiring or established author, you may be questioning how your brand is different from your book’s brand. What is a brand anyway? Do you need an author brand?

Season 2 of The emPowered Author Podcast is chockfull of insights on author brands. And, our team is poised to help you determine how to bring your author brand to life, while ensuring it tells a story that compels meaningful engagement and sells books.

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How is an author brand different from a book brand?

Many authors make the mistake of thinking their author brand and their book brand are the same, but they’re not. Your author brand is more than just your book. It’s your story and your other offerings too. It’s essential to differentiate them to tell a bigger story about you.

  • Your author brand connects you with your target readers, allowing you to build a story that resonates with their wants and needs in a split second.
  • It forms your book and business foundation and is in direct alignment with your goals and your business strategies.
  • It can be interconnected with your book’s brand and cover, but it should be able to stand alone effectively as well.
  • Your brand makes a promise to current and potential readers and clients of what they can expect from you.
  • Your brand brings your business to life.

Your author brand is a bridge connecting you to your readers.

Your author brand is the key to unlocking your unique voice and standing out in a crowded market. Explore some brands we’ve helped authors create to share their message and connect with their audience.

What are your branding goals and how will you achieve them?

Download our Branding Brainstorm Guide to prepare for an author brand discussion. This guide will help you articulate your vision for your brand, book and business.

Author Branding Solutions

The emPower PR Group offers tailored branding solutions for authors and authorpreneurs. Choose from one of our three packages to bring your brand to life and achieve your specific branding goals.

Author brand


Perfect for authors and authorpreneurs who are seeking to strategically define, redefine or reimagine their author brand.

authorpreneur bundle


Perfect for authors who are embracing authorpreneurship and require marketing materials to establish or expand their business.

event package


Perfect for authors attending book signings, speaking engagements and other events where branded materials are essential.

Our Author Branding Package Specifics

Our Author Brand package helps authors strategically build brands with purpose and intention so they can stand out in a crowded market, connect with their target readers and clients, and build a strong foundation for their authorpreneur journey.

  • This package starts with a collaborative strategy session to align the author’s brand and business goals. Three design options are then provided for review, with two rounds of edits for the chosen design.
  • Our Author Brand package includes a custom-designed brand logo with strategically selected fonts and color palette. Variations of the logo (horizontal, vertical, color, black, and white) are also provided.
  • The project concludes with a wrap-up discussion where the author receives tips and insights on how to maximize their brand.
  • All materials are provided as digital files and the author is responsible for arranging printing, updating their website, and integrating the brand into their marketing materials. Our team is happy to explore ways we can assist with brand integration to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand presence.
Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your author brand needs.

Our Authorpreneur Bundle helps authorpreneurs build their business with essential marketing materials that are designed to help articulate their brand and attract their target readers and clients to their book and business.

  • This package includes various digital design files to assist authorpreneurs in leveraging their author brand by creating business marketing essentials that assist in building and growing their business.
  • Branded materials include: business card, letterhead and PowerPoint template deck to assist with promotion of the author’s brand and business.
  • This bundle also includes digital designs for essential marketing materials such as postcards, notecards, envelopes, and more. This can be used for general cards, thank you cards or even a holiday card set.
  • An author brand is required for our team to execute this bundle.
  • All materials are provided as digital files, which the author will need to arrange for printing. We recommend working with a professional printer to ensure the highest quality output and are happy to make recommendations.
Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your author brand needs.

Our Event Package is crafted to elevate the brand presence of authors and authorpreneurs at in-person events such as book signings, speaking engagements and trade shows. This package ensures you make a lasting impression on potential readers and customers.

  • The Event Package includes digital files for essential promotional materials needed for in-person author and authorpreneur events.
  • Branded materials in this package include digital files for a retractable banner, table banner and table cloth, ideal for branding an author table at an event.
  • Also, authors can support event attendees in capturing branded photos and organic social media promotion through a step-and-repeat banner, which is also included.
  • All materials are provided as digital files, which the author will need to arrange for printing. We recommend working with a professional printer to ensure the highest quality output and are happy to make recommendations.
Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your author brand needs.

The emPowered Author Podcast

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Are you ready to develop your author brand?

Your author brand is your first step in building a unique voice in a crowded and loud book and business market. But your brand will help you stand out, share your message and connect with your target readers and clients. You may not be ready, but now is the time.

Check out Season 2 of The emPowered Author Podcast for author brand insights.

Your author brand dream team.

What happens when an author insider and a brand strategist walk into a room? They run into Stephanie and Madelyn. Together, their collision of expertise results in a perfect blend of insightful and innovative branding solutions for authors and authorpreneurs alike.

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Chief Strategist + Author Insider

Jesse White


Brand Strategist + Graphic Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

To bring your brand to life, creative thinking and collaboration are necessary. The timeline for developing brand assets can vary depending on your brand awareness and goals. Our Author Brand package usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete. Before starting the development process, a strategy session is conducted to ensure clarity on expectations, timelines, and requirements for a successful outcome.

Absolutely! We’ve created branding packages with our authors’ needs in mind, but sometimes all you need is a PowerPoint template, a promotional poster or podcast art. Don’t worry! We can help make that happen for you, too. Let’s chat and see what you need and how we can support you.

We sure can. We realize that a book brand is many times different from an author brand, but just as important. And, let’s be honest here, people really do judge a book by its cover. We’d love to connect to learn more about your book and your graphic support needs. Schedule a call with us.

We offer multiple file formats and variations of your logo to ensure its versatility across various marketing materials. This includes stacked and horizontal options, stand-alone icon files, and full-color, black and white, and white-only variations. You will receive .jpg, .png, and .eps formats for each variation.

Our team is here to support you where you are and how you need support most. Whether you just need the brand assets or want help in effectively using them, we are here to emPower you and make your success happen. Our approach is twofold: giving you what you need to succeed and helping you make the most of it. To discuss how we can support you and the associated investment, let’s chat.

Great news! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with you. Let’s connect and discuss your specific author brand needs. Simply fill out our “help me help you” form to schedule an introductory call, and we’ll work together to create a proposal that aligns with your goals. Once you’ve reviewed and accepted the proposal, we’ll require a signed contract and full payment to officially schedule your project and start bringing your vision to life.

There are three package offerings to support your branding needs as outlined above: Author Brand ($600), Authorpreneur Bundle ($850) and Events Package ($500). 

Let’s Bring Your Brand to Life

You matter. Your book matters. Your message matters. And so does your brand. Let us help you connect them.

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