Don’t just be a guest; be the podcast host.

Own the mic and amplify your message as an author by embracing the role of a podcast host.

Hosting a podcast can empower authors to…

  • Engage readers in a personal and memorable way.
  • Become positioned as thought leaders in their field.
  • Expand their network and increase visibility.
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Hosting an author micro podcast could be your ultimate mic drop moment.

Podcasting empowers authors with a remarkable opportunity to captivate readers, leaving a profound and enduring impression. (And rest assured, we’ll steer clear of any literal mic dropping!)

When integrated into an overarching marketing strategy, a podcast could become an emPactful marketing tactic. With 750 blogs and 29 YouTube channels for every podcast out there as noted from a Buzzsprout article, there is less competition and noise in the podcasting space presenting a prime opportunity for writers, authors and authorpreneurs to get seen and be heard.

Starting a podcast? Our 6-episode micro podcast offering is a powerful solution for authors. In Season 1 of The emPowered Author Podcast, we explore this topic, sharing valuable insights on using a limited-series podcast to achieve your goals.

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What is a micro podcast, you ask?

A micro podcast is a limited edition, 6-episode, promotional series pop-up podcast that is a great solution for authors looking to launch a podcast without the hassle, stress or time or financial commitment that comes with a long-term podcast. It can serve as an effective tool in many ways.

  • It can build a loyal following as it gives people a chance to hear you and learn more about you, the author behind the book and the business.
  • When utilized with an internal launch team, a capsule podcast can rallying your supporters together by sharing behind-the-scenes insights along your book writing, publishing and launching journey.
  • Integrate it into an external book launch and add a unique and creative tool to help you reach people who may just become your next super fans.
  • Include as a tool in your authorpreneur toolkit, giving you an innovate way to engage your readers as well as inspire potential organizations, media outlets and even podcasts to invite you to come speak to their audiences.
“I absolutely loved working with the emPower PR Group to create the first season of my podcast. What I appreciated the most was the encouragement I received from the team along the way. I has some reservations about doing it but because of their encouraging words, I finished Season 1! The best part was listening to the finished product. It’s so well done! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the final outcome!”
Pamela Power, Founder of Love Empowered

How can a capsule podcast support your marketing goals?

We’ve compiled innovative ideas from season one of the podcast that directly correlate to your marketing strategies for you to consider how a capsule podcast could be a solution for you, your book and your business.

your investment

Micro Podcast

Our micro podcast solution provides writers, authors and authorpreneurs with 6 value-packed episodes to enhance their marketing efforts. This bite-sized approach blends marketing strategy and tactical support, giving you a powerful resource to integrate into your overall strategy.


Your Micro Podcast includes:

  •  A strategy session to learn about your podcast needs, identify a podcast flow and determine the cadence of messages for each episode.
  • Strategic guidance and support in identifying the key takeaways from each podcast in the series.
  • Technical support on the recording of 6 episodes.
  • Custom-created music to align with your brand and message.
  • Editing and finalizing 6 podcast episodes.
  • Guidance on where to host the episodes and tips on how to utilize the capsule podcast.

The emPowered Author Podcast

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Want to host your own podcast?

Your readers are begging for it! Create a podcast that aligns with your book and your business to embrace a creative strategy where you can increase your reach and visibility strategically.

Check out Season 1 of The emPowered Author Podcast for podcast hosting insights.

Your podcast hosting duo.

When a book marketing strategist and a musician/audio engineer join forces, the result is a podcast solution that takes your message to new heights. Stephanie and Phil understand authors’ needs and how listeners respond to captivating content. Together, they deliver a podcasting experience that amplifies your message like no other.

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Chief Strategist + Author Insider

Phil Bright


Podcast Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

The execution of a micro podcast requires a collaboration with the author and the production team. Our goal is to help you strategize, produce and package a meaningful capsule podcast in 3-4 weeks, however there are other deciding factors that could impact the timeline. Prior to moving forward with the development of a micro podcast, a strategy session is held to ensure everyone has clarity on expectations, timelines and requirements needed to make a beautiful end product.

We have found that 6 episodes gives authors and authorpreneurs enough bite-sized space for sharing meaningful content in a way that consumers want. It’s just enough—not too much, not too little!

What happens if you love the 6-episode podcast experience and want more! Great, we are happy and ready to help you. We record micro podcasts in 6-episode seasons, but should you find the experience one that would be great for an ongoing podcast or another tactic in your overarching marketing strategy, let us know! We love helping you meet and achieve your goals!

The development of a micro podcast is a collaboration between you—the author or authorpreneur—and our team. At the start of our collaboration, we begin with a strategy call which will help determine the format of the podcast to ensure it aligns with your needs. As the author, you will want to set aside time to craft your messages for each podcast, although you will be given some templated direction on how to do so. When you are ready to record your podcast, we suggest that you set aside a few hours to record all 6 episodes in one sitting if possible. You will also want to plan time for content creation for show notes as well. In all, plan for at least 8 hours of your time to strategize, outline, record, review and create associated content for your capsule podcast.

Yes! After the podcast layout and recordings are complete and agreed upon, one podcast episode will be formatted for you to review, make suggestions on, and approve. That podcast episode will be used as a template for the rest of the 6 episodes.

We love that micro podcasts help eliminate the need for most ongoing costs of creating a podcast, however, you will want to be prepared to pay a podcast hosting fee should you choose to put your podcast up on the typical podcast platforms. It’s a nominal fee, and we are happy to make some recommendations for podcast hosting that we love!

Phil is a musician by trade and leverages his skillset to create unique, custom music for authors’ micro podcasts. The package includes a round of music edits however since music choice is subjective, additional fees could incur if edit requests extend scope.

Want to be a podcast guest?

All this talk about podcast hosting have you considering being a podcast guest? Fantastic! Podcast guesting is a smart marketing move for authors. While our team is happy to offer podcast guest pitching as a part of several of our programs, we also have an on-demand training for those wanting to learn how to be a professional podcast guest.

Let’s get to podcast creating!

If you want to host a podcast, we want to help you make it happen.

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