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Stephanie Feger has dedicated her life to empowerment. From motivating teams and inspiring volunteers to guiding authors on their own empowerment journey, she is driven by a profound desire to help individuals create a lasting impact. A vivid dream served as the catalyst for her transformation from pondering “what-ifs” to embracing “why-nots,” becoming the inspiration to pen her first book, which marked a pivotal moment where she combined her passion for writing with her expertise in marketing.

After working in the marketing field for years, Stephanie merged her unique expertise with her life’s passions, founding the emPower PR Group, a boutique marketing solution for nonfiction authors. Together with a team of experts, she empowers nonfiction writers, authors and authorpreneurs to write and promote marketable books and build empowering businesses.

As a professional speaker, book marketing expert and author of several books herself, Stephanie blends personal experience with innovative marketing solutions to ensure those who need to hear of a message, a book, an author or a brand, do! Successful books require strategic marketing, and Stephanie knows this because she has lived it.

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From Page to Stage and Back

Stephanie is the author of several books, including Make Your Author emPact: Sell Most Books, Increase Your Reach & Achieve Your Why. Uncover opportunities to offer your team, participants, attendees and listeners a copy of her book written for authors.

“Stephanie Feger is a warm, engaging and relatable workshop presenter. Our audience, made up of authors at different stages in the publishing and marketing process, ate up every bit of Stephanie’s marketing wisdom, and walked away with implementable strategies. She is a treasure trove of knowledge, and all authors would benefit from what she has to offer.”
Alexa Bigwarfe, CEO & Founder, Write|Publish|Sell & Women in Publishing Summit

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