Your book deserves to be noticed (and read).

A book marketing plan can help! It’s your roadmap to success in the uncharted terrain of book promotion.

Our comprehensive promotional blueprint will:

  • Ensure you reach readers that need your book and will buy it.
  • Increase your visibility and generate book sales.
  • Build thought leadership, opening doors for business opportunities.
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Book success requires a plan, and we are poised to support you in crafting one.

Our tailored book marketing plans help authors reach target readers and achieve book success.

Have peace of mind knowing every promotional move made is methodical, effective and emPactful. Our robust marketing plans guide purposeful action with measured success. No dusty plans here; ours are ready to put into action immediately with the option of our expert help with execution.

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What is included in a Book Marketing Plan?

Effective marketing requires a plan of action. Here’s what is included in our customized and detailed plans.

  • We read your book cover-to-cover to fully understand your message, audience and opportunities. (Seems intuitive, but this isn’t industry norm.)
  • We analyze your target audiences, identifying your top three and key factors to consider when marketing to them.
  • Our digital presence audit provides a thorough analysis of your current author platform, revealing improvement areas and customized strategies to enhance your online visibility.
  • Marketing goals, strategies and tactics are identified with specific insights, hyperlinks to resources and subplans drafted to support the plan accordingly.
  • A comprehensive list of quotes and thought leadership opportunities ensures you leverage your unique perspective to reach your target readers.
  • Tailored social media and in-bound marketing strategy recommendations as well as grassroots marketing recommendations are included.

Is our Book Marketing Plan right for you?

If you want to sell your book, build or grow your business and elevate your message, you need a marketing plan. Without one, marketing efforts are typically ineffective and unsuccessful. (And we don’t want that for you!) If you want to increase your reach, visibility and sales, our Book Marketing Plan offering will become your promotional blueprint, and one you can use for years to come.

  • You know you need a plan, but you haven’t a clue what should be included, who to go to for trusted information and are in need of insights that are tailored to you, your book and your business goals.
  • You are unsure what the first or next marketing step should be to tackle your goals so you’d like targeted, customized and actionable marketing advice and support.
  • You’d like to get some book marketing guidance now to take action on, and you know a marketing plan is critical.
  • You have specific marketing needs and would find insights from a seasoned book marketing professional valuable.
  • You want to be successful with your book and want to give it the best chance possible to make an emPact in the lives of the readers who need the message most.
  • You are confident in your marketing approach and are not open-minded to receiving marketing advice to support your book and business needs.
  • You haven’t begun writing your book or don’t even have an idea kernel for a book.
  • You don’t believe in the power of marketing as a tool to help you sell more books or build and grow a business.
  • You know what you need and you need tactical marketing support. (Good news! We offer this too, however, our Book Marketing Plan is required for our team to provide execution support for most of our offerings.)
  • You aren’t worried about selling books or making a difference in the lives of others through your written words and derivative offerings.
I loved working with Stephanie because she has great energy, insight, deep thought and direction. The book marketing plan she created for me was packed full of information I can use in my business and MORE.
Madhur-Nain Webster, Author of The Stressless Brain
your investment

Book Marketing Plan

Our tailored Book Marketing Plan provides a comprehensive roadmap to reach your target readers and achieve your book’s goals with measurable success.



Your Marketing Plan includes:

  • A detailed intake form allowing you the opportunity to share insights prior to Stephanie reading your book.
  • A deep-dive, cover-to-cover read of your book by Stephanie.
  • Target audience analysis as well as a digital presence audit to inform author platform building.
  • Tailored marketing plan to meet you, your book and your book business’ goals.
  • A robust appendix including book quotes, thought leadership insights and additional strategy recommendations to align with the plan.

Your book marketing planning power duo.

From reading your book cover-to-cover to conducting market research and analysis, Stephanie and Jesse bring their full range of skills to bear in crafting a tailored book marketing plan that maximizes your chances of success.

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Chief Strategist

Jesse White


Director of Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re at the right place. We create effective and actionable plans, and we’d love to create one for you. If you’re interested in us creating a marketing plan for you, schedule an interest chat with Stephanie so that she can learn more about you, your book and your needs as well as uncover your timeline and identify openings in our schedule to get your marketing plan underway.

While Stephanie reads your book cover-to-cover, she likes to take into account your marketing goals and efforts while building your marketing plan. Stephanie will review the information you provide in the intake form after she reads your book and as she is creating your plan to ensure her strategic insights are aligned with your needs. Please be forthcoming with the details required in the form and be sure to upload a copy of your book digitally as soon as possible so she can get started.

Our Book Marketing Plans are created in a Google Doc and a link will be emailed to you upon completion. Be sure to make a copy of the plan and save it to your system. We keep plans on our Google Drive for 30 days after completion, but can’t guarantee they will remain in our system beyond that. Also, you are able to export the plan into Word or PDF versions if you prefer.

Yes! Once you have secured a Book Marketing Plan with us, we will get a call on the books where we will walk you through your marketing plan. Our plans are comprehensive, and we realize that an hour call will allow us to provide you an overview, but you will want to review the plan in greater depth and may have some questions. We will schedule a follow-up hour-call to answer any questions you may have a few days after the plan is delivered.

Our Book Marketing Plan is a one-time charge of $2,000. Full payment is required prior to execution. Upon completion of the contract, payment of the invoice and agreement to the terms and conditions, you will get a link to an intake form. We will get the delivery date scheduled and the plan development begins!

Yay! Congrats on taking this important step in your book marketing journey. If you are ready to get started, click this link, and let’s get a date on the books.

Let’s Build Your Marketing Plan

If you are ready to move forward with an Book Marketing Plan, we are ready to get reading! Let’s make it happen.

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