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What happens when a book editor and book marketer come together? A weekly livestream complete with caffeine, cats and book insights you don’t want to miss. 

Jennifer Crosswhite and Stephanie Feger, industry insiders and passionate book enthusiasts, provide valuable insights and inspiration for authors through their weekly livestream, pulling back the curtain on the writing, editing, publishing and marketing process.

Tune into the weekly, 30-minute livestream where these two gurus share insights on how to write and promote books, build and sustain author businesses and everything in between. All of the author goodness happens only after they talk about their newest coffee mugs and ward off a cat or two that like to make their video debuts. At the end of every livestream, these two also share a favorite book they are reading… and it just may be one that you will want to look into.

Your weekly Livestream hosts.

Stephanie and Jen, avid book lovers and hosts of the livestream, share a passion for cats, tea, traveling and, of course, books. Join them as they discuss essential book topics while accompanied by their furry friends. From Stephanie’s soy chai latte to Jen’s vast collection of tea mugs, each livestream offers a cozy and entertaining experience. Don’t be surprised if you catch glimpses of Oreo and Raja, adding their own unique charm to the show.

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Have an idea for a Beyond the Page topic? 

Stephanie and Jennifer would love to hear it and answer your questions live during an upcoming Beyond the Page livestream. Utilize the link below to share your topic idea. Be sure to tune in live each Wednesday as well to ask questions in realtime. 

Watch Previous Livestreams

The Beyond the Page playlist on the emPower PR Group’s YouTube Channel offers a list of previous livestreams. Or peruse the topics below for a direct link to a topic of interest. 

Ready to Become an Author?

Authors have questions. Stephanie and Jennifer have answers. Authorship is a regular topic on Beyond the Page, and they discuss ongoing issues authors face, offering insights, tips and recommendations. Learn the value of authorship, publishing options and more.

Book Marketing Insights

Looking for book marketing insights to implement and pronto? Stephanie and Jennifer chat about book promotion, launches and more. If you have a book and want to sell more copies, enjoy tips on how to promote your book and sell more copies.

Write a Marketable Book

Don’t just write any book; write a marketable book. Stephanie and Jennifer discuss specifics on how to write a book and specific book elements that are needed to ensure that the book you write is one that your readers need, want and will buy.

Leveraging the Amazon Platform

Amazon is a meaningful platform to sell books, and it’s one that authors should fully embrace. Stephanie and Jennifer discuss the ins and outs of Amazon and offer tips for authors to fully optimize their presence on the platform.

Books Mean Business

The moment you publish a book, you become an authorpreneur (whether you know it or not!). Stephanie and Jennifer discuss the book business and share tools that authors need to run their authorpreneur business to success. 


The moment you publish a book, you become an authorpreneur (whether you know it or not!). Stephanie and Jennifer discuss the book business and share tools that authors need to run their authorpreneur business to success. 

Beyond the Page

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If you purchase an autographed paperback copy of either of their books, Stephanie or Jen, respectively, will share a 5-minute personalized video answering a book development or book marketing question you have. Choose one of the links below to learn more.

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