She loves books, authors and book marketing.

And it shows! Stephanie Feger is a sought-after professional speaker inspiring authors worldwide.

  • She knows what works because she’s a book marketing trendsetter.
  • She knows what authors need (and their worries) because she’s one.
  • She knows how to leverage purpose to make an author emPact.

Books build bridges and break down walls.

Stephanie is a believer authors can change the world, one book, reader and one marketing move at a time.

With personal experience as an author and a deep understanding of the marketing challenges faced by authors and authorpreneurs alike, she empowers authors to overcome overwhelm and unleash the true power of their books and businesses.

Stephanie’s emPactful speaking engagements inspire and equip authors of all levels and at any stage of the book writing, publishing and marketing journey with the motivation and practical steps needed to achieve their goals in the ever-evolving world of book marketing.

Invite Stephanie to Inspire Your Group, Organization or Team

Whether you’d benefit from high-level insights or in-the-weeds guidance, she is filled to the brim with knowledge (and is passionate about sharing it).

Keynote Addresses

Stephanie delivers emPactful keynotes that serve as motivational openings at conferences as well as powerful closings that leave authors with actionable strategies and renewed motivation to achieve success.

Skills-Based Workshops

Her workshops dive deep into key aspects of book marketing, equipping authors with practical knowledge and actionable steps to elevate their author journey and maximize their book’s potential.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

Stephanie’s knowledge base is vast and varied. Below highlights her most sought-after speaking engagement topics, however if you have a specific need, reach out as she is always willing to customize a speaking engagement to meet the needs of her audiences.

Make Your Author emPact: emPactful Marketing Strategies to Sell More Books, Increase Your Reach and Achieve Your Why

author emPact (n): the emPowering effect of an author’s message that inspires action, ignites change and makes a difference in the lives of many.

A book is a powerful tool for sharing a message, but understanding an author’s why is crucial for effective marketing. Stephanie has listened and learned from countless authors she has assisted in writing, promoting and launching their books. Through her experience, she has identified three core reasons why authors choose to write and has unlocked the secret sauce to successfully market a book to achieve those goals. Stephanie helps authors refocus on their why and build a plan to align with it while tuning out the noise of endless marketing options.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Gain clarity on their why and use it at the starting point for identifying their next right marketing move. 
  • Leverage the Author emPact framework to create focused marketing strategies and tactics that are efficient, effective and emPactful. 
  • Work through the Author emPact Method as a tool to identify how to reach those who need their book when and where they need it. 
  • Walk away with actionable marketing steps to align with their book goals.

Stephanie doesn’t believe in movement without strategy, and after attending her speaking engagement, everyone will become a believer in it, too! (And, they will see results because of it.)

The Book Marketing Habit: A 15-Minute Daily Approach to Decrease Overwhelm and Increase Book Sales

Book marketing made simple and achievable. Stephanie reveals the secret to success: consistency. In this interactive workshop, she emPowers authors with a 15-minute-a-day approach to stay in launch mode and effectively market their books. Learn the essentials of effective book marketing, from defining your target audience to building a strong author platform. Discover practical strategies to make the most of your limited time, promoting your book through social media, email marketing, and collaborations. Don’t let limited time hold you back; unlock the power of consistent, emPactful book marketing with Stephanie’s expert guidance.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Uncover what their author platform needs to ensure that their marketing approaches stick.
  • Clarify their target audiences which poises their efforts to best reach those who want, need and are changed by their message.
  • Learn the Author emPact Method approach and devise a daily schedule to execute in bite-sized time chunks.

Attendees will walk away with a customized 15-minute book marketing plan that fits their busy schedules and helps them achieve their goals.

Solving the Authorprenenur Equation: How to Leverage a Book to Build or Grow a Business

Stephanie has witnessed a common trend among authors: the realization that publishing a book is synonymous with launching a business. This revelation often leads authors to question how they can become successful authorpreneurs or leverage their book to grow an existing business. With years of experience in helping authors achieve success, Stephanie is well-equipped to provide guidance and strategies to navigate this journey and transform books into thriving ventures.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Discover the Authorpreneur Equation and leverage it to align with their goals.
  • Identify what value only they provide that has potential for business development. 
  • Evaluate the needs of their current readers and potential clients to ensure their business aligns (and their book does, too).
  • Gain clarity on how their book (whether written and published or not) can help them build or grow a business. 

Whether attendees have written your book, aspire to write a book or have a business that a book could support, Stephanie provides the insights needed to make a pivot from author to authorpreneur successfully. 

Podcasting for Authors: Maximize Reach with a Micro Approach

Forget reaching everyone; the key to visibility is going small. Podcasting offers unique opportunities to connect with your target audience in the way they consume information. Whether it’s being a guest on podcasts or hosting your own, podcasting plays a vital role in any author’s marketing strategy. Stephanie has harnessed the power of podcasting in her own book marketing and helps authors navigate this valuable tool, teaching them how to find, pitch and leverage podcasts for maximum emPact.

Attendees gain insights on podcast guesting by:

  • Learning the value of podcast guesting to assist with marketing a message, a book and a business. 
  • Gaining clarity on what is needed to not just get selected as a podcast guest but leverage that guesting opportunity to increase book sales. 
  • Uncovering how podcast guesting can play a larger role in in-bound marketing strategies and how it draws your ideal readers and clients to them. 

Attendees gain insights on podcast hosting by:

  • Discovering if it aligns with their strategies and, if so, learning the value that hosting can offer authors. 
  • Learning unique ways podcasts can be used in book launches, authorpreneur efforts, marketing tools and more. 
  • Gathering tips on how to measure success and leverage a podcast best. 

Whether attendees have guested on podcasts (or wanted to) or host their own podcast (or have dreamed of it), Stephanie offers authors with insights and action steps to maximize visibility, reach and engagement through one of the most effective micro-media options available, podcasting. 

Write a Book that Sells: Think Like Your Reader and Write a Marketable Book

Writing a marketable book is a dream for many, but it requires a strategic approach. Stephanie shares insights on how to write a book that authors are proud of and that resonates with their target readers. With her personal experience and marketing expertise, Stephanie understands the journey from dream to daunting reality. She emphasizes the key differentiator between ordinary books and life-changing, bestselling ones: successful authors write for others. Let Stephanie guide attendees in crafting a book that not only fulfills their writing aspirations but also sells.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Gain clarity on their niche and ensure that they are writing a book to and for them. (And ensure that this niche is one that both needs the book and will pay for it!) Stephanie will share knowledge on the Writer to Your Reader Framework, an approach she uses to ensure the book is poised for success. 
  • Uncover insights into what makes a manuscript marketable and what marketable elements should be included that many authors don’t know about or forget to include. 
  • Walk away with knowledge on how to leverage a book and how to gain clarity on usage during manuscript drafting (and why that’s important!).

There is a big difference between just any book and those that are marketable. Attendees will walk away emPowered to make their books ones that people will take action with and buy!

Don’t Just Write It, Publish It

Publishing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s about finding the right fit for your book. Self-publishing or traditional publishing? The choice depends on your goals and needs, and it can be confusing for authors who want to give their books the best chance possible. Stephanie Feger, owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, has firsthand experience with hybrid/collaborative and self-publishing, and she helps authors navigate the publishing landscape to achieve their goals. With over 20 years of marketing expertise and as an author of three books herself, Stephanie provides laser-focused strategies and insights to make an author emPact. Trust her roadmap to take the next best step for your unique needs.

Attendees can expect to:

  • Learn the difference between a writer and author, and the power of a marketable book. 
  • Uncover the Write to Your Reader Framework to ensure the book they write is one their readers need (and will buy). 
  • Gain clarity on the three publishing options that exist and the pros and cons of each. 

Whether they have written a book or still aspire to… whether they have published before or are learning what publishing is all about… Stephanie offers authors with both insights and action steps to write a marketable book and uncover the best approach to publish it. 

Additional Topics to Consider

Stephanie’s vast knowledge of book marketing offers a plethora of speaking topics that she is well versed to deliver. Additional topics could include:

  • Author Platforms: What It Is and Why It’s a Must
  • Author Websites: Why Every Author Needs One and What to Include
  • Author Branding: You Are Bigger Than Your Books (and Your Brand Should Be Too)
  • Every Business Has a Story: How a Book Can Tell Yours
  • The Social Dilemma: How to Leverage Social Media to Engage with Readers Without Stress, Worry and Overwhelm
  • Additional topics could include: project management systems, email marketing, visually telling your story, media training, speaking insights and more.

Let’s connect to discuss your needs and how Stephanie can support them.

Hear from Happy Clients

Stephanie takes the stage, captivating audiences of all sizes. Hear what those who hired her have to say.
She was terrific. The information she provided spoke to attendees at all levels of their writing careers, and her high-energy style set the tone for the rest of the conference. In addition to a power-packed general session, she met one-on-one with attendees to provide marketing advice tailored to each individual’s needs. She was a valuable and engaging addition to our conference.

Ginny Smith
Bluegrass Writers Coalition
“Stephanie Feger prepared and delivered a fantastic presentation for the Podcasting for Business Conference. Her ideas were presented clearly, and she provided guidance for how listeners could tweak them to suit their own businesses and podcasts. The presentation was well-organized and beautifully delivered with great enthusiasm.

Megan Doughtery
Co-founder of One Stone Creative and the Podcasting for Business Conference
“Stephanie spoke to my community of authors about book marketing and BOY DID SHE DELIVER! She is an engaging, powerful speaker and she helped my community by sharing not only best practices but targeted feedback for each individual. Stephanie is truly an expert marketer; everyone got tremendous value from her sharing. What an impactful hour–thank you!”

Jennifer Locke
Jennifer Locke Writes
“Stephanie Feger is a warm, engaging and relatable workshop presenter. Our audience, made up of authors at different stages in the publishing and marketing process, ate up every bit of Stephanie’s marketing wisdom, and walked away with implementable strategies. She is a treasure trove of knowledge, and all authors would benefit from what she has to offer.”

Alexa Bigwarfe
CEO & Founder, Write|Publish|Sell & Women in Publishing Summit
“Stephanie brings it to every presentation. She offers on-point content coupled with energy and enthusiasm, and makes her points with compelling and engaging stories that audiences remember and can implement. She offered the perfect ending to our three-day writing retreat.”

Cathy Fyock
The Business Book Strategist
She understands the unique marketing challenges authors face in building a readership, spreading their messages, and selling books. Our community of writers leave her webinar sessions feeling encouraged, informed, and eager to implement her proven strategies.”

Sheila Mann
Manager of Author Education, Author Learning Center
We’d highly recommend inviting Stephanie to speak to your audience. In fact, I would go so far as to say you are missing a huge opportunity if you don’t hire her. She will provide valuable information with powerful applications, delivered with enormous energy and enthusiasm and I’m sure your audience will walk away, as ours did, with a lot to think about it and a more inspired approach to the path ahead.

Susan Crossman
Owner of Crossman Communications, Conscious Leaders Telesummit
“She spoke at my writer’s conference, and was a big hit, giving clear and actionable steps to building your platform, having great resources available, and explaining the hows and whys of each part of the process. It made the whole thing clear and doable, reducing the overwhelm for authors who really don’t want to think of themselves as marketers. I can’t wait to collaborate with her again!”

Jennifer Crosswhite
Owner of Tandem Services Ink
emPower PR Group Self-Publishing Support

Your message, book and business are in good hands.

Here are some reasons why you’ll love working with Stephanie…

  • She understands the unique marketing challenges authors face in trying to build a readership, spread their messages, and sell books.
  • Her keynotes and workshops are full of practical book marketing tips and tools authors can begin using immediately.
  • Her presentations are positive and energetic in a way that is both engaging and accessible.
  • Stephanie is a true expert in her field. With over 20+ years marketing experience, having served 100+ authors in her business and written 4 books thus far, she understands, she knows and she delivers.
  • Her takeaways leave audiences emPowered to get out of overwhelm and move forward with confidence.
Women in Publishing Summmit

How can Stephanie support you?

Share with us what your speaking needs entail and our team will be in touch to schedule time for Stephanie to connect with you.

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