Does your visual story complement your written one?

Our world has become a very visual one, and now, more than ever, author photos matter.

When your visual and written stories are in alignment…

  • Your message can make the largest emPact.
  • Your reach expands, attracting the right readers and clients.
  • Your messaging is in alignment and your story inspires action.
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A picture is worth a thousand words.

In a camera-saturated world, stories transcend writing, often enhanced through photos.

Don’t overlook how readers consume information. Often, emPactful images greatly influence engagement. From selfies to headshots to lifestyle branding, photos bring stories and brands to life. Being able to take a photo, however, doesn’t guarantee the expertise needed for effective author photography. For successful book promotion, authors require more than just a few selfies.

Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge on photography and its pivotal role in author marketing by diving into Season 5 of The emPowered Author Podcast. These content-rich episodes are dedicated to highlighting the significance of photography and providing authors with invaluable insights on maximizing its impact in their marketing endeavors.

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Why should I invest in author photography?

Author photography helps you establish a professional and cohesive brand image, making a strong impression on readers and potential clients. In fact, it can help sell books, spread your message and build your authorpreneur business. Strong author photography can create:

  • Confidence. It empowers you with newfound confidence in your message.
  • Connection. Photos humanize your message, allowing a connection that the written word can’t accomplish alone.
  • Content. It allows you to create and build your written story into a meaningful, visual one.
  • Credibility. Photos are used in book promotional efforts, and professional photos increase your credibility within your current author platform and when reaching new and potential readers.
  • Curiosity. And in doing so, can actually help you *sell* books (without you directly doing so).

Your author brand is a bridge connecting you to your readers.

We thrive on being part of author branding photo sessions. Check out some of the authors we’ve collaborated with below. Remember, whether it’s our team or another, there are experts available to support you, allowing you to stay focused on what you love most!


Ease the stress of planning your photo shoot with this handy checklist.

Whether you’re camera-shy or love the limelight, we want you to make the most of your photo session. Be fully prepared with our downloadable planning checklist.

“Professional photos are an absolute necessity for authorpreneurs. Chanel’s photos captured the essence of my brand and what I do for my clients. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and how they took my author brand to the next level. I can’t recommend this service enough!”
Jennifer Crosswhite, Owner of Tandem Services Ink

Author Photography Solutions

Unlocking the potential of your author photos starts with a crucial discussion: understanding how you’ll leverage them. This is where we begin the conversation with the authors we work with. By comprehending your needs and intended usage, we can help you select the best photoshoot to achieve your desired outcomes effectively.

Author HEADSHOT session


Perfect for authors needing a captivating author headshot to enhance their book and amplify their speaking engagements.

author BRANDING Session


Perfect for authors seeking branded photos to visually tell their story and valuable branding assets for marketing materials.

This is My Good Side!



Perfect for authors ready to leverage their book and business brand with photos to convey their written and business stories.

Let’s Give it a Shot!

Our Author Photography Package Specifics

Our Author Headshot package captures a professional and message-aligned headshot for use in your book and promotional efforts ensuring a lasting impression on readers, media outlets, meeting planners and potential collaborators.

  • This package includes a 30-minute photo session in Chanel’s studio with one outfit selection from the author.
  • The author will be invited to a virtual gallery viewing once photos are ready so they can select their favorites.
  • Two digital images are included in the package, however, additional digital images are available for an added fee.
  • Some light editing is included.
Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your author photography needs.

Our Author Branding package helps authors visually tell their written story. These branded photos serve as powerful assets for marketing materials, social media and a part of an author website to elevate their author brand.

  • This package includes a 1-hour photo session in Chanel’s studio or on location with 2 outfits selections from the author.
  • The author will be invited to a virtual gallery viewing once photos are ready so they can select their favorites.
  • Twelve digital images are included in the package, however additional digital images are available for an additional fee.
  • Some light editing is included.
Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your author photography needs.

Our Authorpreneur Branding package offers authors who mean business the photography assets they need to build and grow theirs. Capture the necessary photography assets to tell your written and business story with precision.

  • This package includes a 2 hour and 45 minute photo session in Chanel’s studio, on location or both with 4 outfit selections from the author.
  • The author will be invited to a virtual gallery viewing once photos are ready so they can select their favorites.
  • Twenty digital images are included in the package, however, additional digital images are available for an added fee.
  • Some light editing is included.
Let’s schedule a time to connect and discuss your author photography needs.

The emPowered Author Podcast

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Through the lens, your story comes alive.

Photos have power. They tell us what is important. They become a part of our legacy. They allow us to share and communicate with others. They give us a form of creative expression, and they have the power to move people to action.

Check out Season 5 of The emPowered Author Podcast for author photography insights.

Your visual storytelling squad.

Prepare for some laughter and maybe even a little Beyoncé (unless you prefer different background music), but rest assured that we’ll take your story and author brand to new heights during your photo shoot. With Stephanie and Chanel at the helm, our dynamic team is committed to helping authors visually capture their story through emPactful author brand photography. As Beyoncé would say, we are ready to “Upgrade U.”

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Chief Strategist




Frequently Asked Questions

The answer varies depending on the author’s individual needs and the purpose of their book. Generally, authors require a compelling headshot and lifestyle photography that aligns with their brand for marketing purposes. Check out season 5 of The emPowered Author Podcast where Stephanie and Chanel dive into this topic in detail.

Be sure to download our Author Photoshoot Planning Guide above for insights into everything you need to prepare ahead of time to make sure your photo session runs smoothly. That said, if you opt to work with the emPower PR Group on your photography needs, we will work with you to prepare accordingly. 

Of course. Part of our process includes a follow-up, virtual meeting where we review the strongest photos together and select which ones you’d like edited and utilized.

Photographers may have different turnaround times, but we understand how eager authors are to receive their photos (and we’re just as excited to deliver them!). Our aim is to schedule a virtual photo review session within a week or two after the photo shoot. Once you have selected your photos, we will promptly send them to you via email for immediate use.

If you are looking to utilize your author photos in marketing materials, you will likely need the photos in a high-resolution format. However, if you are using the photos for social media, on your website, or in another form digitally, low-resolution is likely preferred. Because of these unique needs, we provide both formats for your ease of use.

Though not mandatory, we recommend that authors indulge in some self-care on the day of their photo shoot to help them feel their best and reflect it in their photos. Consider treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure, and perhaps even a new outfit. Some opt to have their hair and makeup done professionally, and we do have an excellent makeup artist and hair stylist available for those interested. Feel free to let us know if you’re interested in pricing details.

Not a problem! Our author photographer is exceptional (in fact, authors have flown in just to have their photos taken by her!), but we understand that there are talented photographers all over the world. If you’re working with a photographer in your local area, we’re more than happy to collaborate with them to ensure that you receive the best possible author photos that can be used in the ways authors need them. Keep in mind that not all photographers specialize in author branding photography, so be sure to choose one who does.

Fantastic news! We’re thrilled at the opportunity to work with you. To begin, let’s schedule a chat so we can get to know your needs better and determine the best way to support you. Once we’ve spoken, we’ll put together a proposal for you. Please note that a signed contract is required to reserve your spot on the schedule, and full payment must be made prior to the photo session. We can’t wait to start working with you!

Let’s Get Some Photos Taken!

Your author brand deserves to have its visual story told too.

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