Enjoy self-publishing benefits without the stress.

Self-publishing can be an author’s dream (or nightmare if navigating alone). We have your back… and your book.

With our self-publishing support, you can…

  • Retain ownership and control without giving up quality.
  • Benefit from expert support while learning alongside.
  • Publish the book you, your business and your message deserve.
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Your book is in your hands, published on your timeline and fully in your control.

Turn your book dream into reality with unwavering support from our trusted experts.

Your story matters. Your book matters. And you matter. Self-publish with confidence and overcome publishing challenges. Embrace the benefits of self-publishing with our expert support. With our Self-Publishing Support package, we are committed to helping you change lives, including your own.

Savor the benefits of self-publishing without the headaches. Our team provides comprehensive assistance, including editing, proofreading, cover design, category and keyword research, imprint design and more. We ensure your book is a beautiful, marketable reflection of you. Publish a book you’re proud of and embark on an incredible journey with our support.

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What’s in the Self-Publishing Support package?

Lots, actually! Enjoy the self-publishing benefits while getting support in design and set-up. This package includes the following benefits.

  • Your manuscript is edited and proofread by an expert book editor prior to publishing.
  • Metadata is gathered including category and keyword research, BISAC codes and more.
  • A comprehensive book description is drafted utilizing keywords to promote searchability.
  • Custom book cover design is included for paperback and eBook editions. The package includes 3D book mock-ups for promotion.
  • A custom designed publishing imprint is created to align with your self-publishing efforts.
  • Interior book layout and formatting included for paperback and eBook editions. *Design limitations may apply.
  • Print-on-demand and global distribution is leveraged for cost-effective printing solutions.
  • Training offers insights on navigating the publishing platforms.

Is our Self-Publishing Support right for you?

If you have a book manuscript that is ready for publishing and self-publishing is the right option for you, we can help. Our trusted experts can assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you not only enjoy the benefits self-publishing offers but also bring your book to life with professionalism and precision. Experience the freedom and fulfillment of self-publishing with confidence, knowing that our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to reality.

  • You are a business owner (or seek to be) and want to use a book to build or grow your business.
  • You have a skillset that people demand, and you’d like to utilize your book as another offering to complement your efforts.
  • You are a speaker (or plan to be) and would find it valuable to have a book to sell to attendees of your engagements.
  • You are not willing to give up control of your intellectual property and want to remain with full ownership of your content and book.
  • You are looking to get your book out to the masses quickly but with professional quality, too.
  • You want to retain all the royalties from book sales, but are willing to invest in expert support to bring your book to life.
  • Your manuscript is in need of a developmental edit. If you are still working on your manuscript, come back to us when it’s near final.
  • You don’t have clarity on who needs your book, who will buy it and the value it offers. Knowing your target audience is important.
  • You don’t have a book title or at least a few options that the team could weigh in on with you.
  • You aren’t willing to collaborate in the self-publishing support process. The greatest success occurs when we work together.
  • You just want a team to execute; you don’t want to learn along the way. While we will be executing, you will be responsible for your book after publishing.
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Self-Publishing Support

Embrace the ease of bringing your book over the finish line with support of industry experts. 


Self-Publishing Support includes:

  • Manuscript editing and proofreading. *Pricing varies based on word count.
  • Book cover design for eBook and paperback editions.
  • Self-publishing imprint logo design.
  • Book formatting and interior layout design. Design limitations may apply.
  • Metadata support including category and keyword research.
  • Book description drafting.
  • Set-up support on Amazon’s KDP and IngramSpark for paperback and eBook printing.

Your self-publishing support team.

Our team ensures your book is not only high-quality but also strategically aligned with your goals and highly marketable. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, our team meticulously guides you through the publishing process, providing valuable insights, advice and execution support. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering a product that exceeds your expectations and resonates with your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t only one way to publish a book. There are several ways, actually! And as with most things in life, there are pros and cons to each. Publishing, unfortunately (and fortunately), isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach which is why I recommend authors do their research and homework. Episode 3.6 of The emPowered Author Podcast highlights some of the considerations when evaluating what the best option is for you and your book. While we love self-publishing, only you can determine the best publishing approach for you.

We utilize two print-on-demand (POD) publishing options in this package: Amazon’s KDP platform and IngramSpark. Most people purchase books on Amazon and utilizing their POD services unlocks some features we love, so we always start there. However, libraries and bookstores prefer IngramSpark, so we utilize that platform for global distribution.

If you’d like to offer a pre-order, Amazon’s KDP platform allows for eBooks to be set up for a pre-order offer. Our team can build that into your production schedule if you’d like. From a marketing perspective, we are a big fan of eBook pre-orders!

It depends! Upon inquiry, we will evaluate timing capacity with each of our team members and create a production schedule that works for all. This could be anywhere from 3-6 months depending upon scheduling.

Your manuscript should be ready to send to an editor for us to get started. While your manuscript is being edited, however, you can still gather front and back matter for the book (such as endorsements, dedication, about the author, etc.). You should also have your author headshot complete (or at least scheduled) and know your book’s title and subtitle. 

This publishing package does not include any printed copies of your book, just the publishing process of it. The beauty of self-publishing, however, is that you will get the opportunity to purchase author copies of your book at a steep discount utilizing the POD platforms, and we walk you through how to do that.

We think you do! A publishing imprint is a name under which you self-publish your book. While there isn’t a requirement to have this, an imprint definitely ups your credibility. While self-publishing is amazing and has so many benefits, some readers, media outlets, bookstores and more have an unfair stigma about self-publishing and using an imprint helps curb that. At the end of the day, great books are self-published, and yours will be amazing!

Let’s Publish Your Book

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