Self-publishing benefits without the stress!

Self-publishing can be an author's dream (or a nightmare if navigating alone).

Our team of experts has your back… and your book!

You’ve written a book you’re proud of and you’re ready to let others read it. But you’re in a pickle.

You’re exploring the benefits of self-publishing, but you need some help. Good news, we offer it!

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Stories matter. Books matter. And you matter, too. We don’t take lightly the opportunity to help you turn your book dream into a book reality through our Self-Publishing Support package. We know your book will change lives (yours included!).

“Stephanie was tireless and dogged in her pursuit of making my book personable. I would recommend the emPowerPR to anyone who wants to put their best book and effort out there!”

— Shannon Age, author of But When I Fly

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Trusted industry experts in author emPact.

You don’t know what you don’t know. (But we know and we can help!)

Overwhelm. Many authors face it the moment they realize writing their book is just a part of the journey. (Publishing and marketing is a part of it too.) As an author myselfand one who has utilized hybrid publishing and self-publishing solutions—I know overwhelm all too well because I’ve been there. And I don’t want you to be there if you don’t have to.

I want you to savor the benefits of self-publishing (such as ownership of your intellectual property, for example) but not the headaches that could come from trying to navigate it alone. Our team is poised to help with editing, proofreading, cover design, category and keyword research, imprint design and more! 

We know what is needed for your book to not be only a beautiful reflection of you but marketable too! And we can help you publish a book that you are proud of and one that will take you places.

What’s included in the Self-Publishing Support package?

Lots, actually! We help authors who see the benefits of self-publishing but want support in book design and self-publishing set-up. Authors who take advantage of this package receive the following benefits.

Your Self-Publishing Support Team

Enjoy the benefits of several industry experts that are onboard to ensure your book is high-quality, in alignment with your goals and marketable. Our self-publishing support team members each play a pivotal role in you and your book’s success. 

Stephanie Feger


Lead Strategist

Jesse White


Project manager

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Book Editor

Madelyn Copperwaite


Graphic designer

Our Self-Publishing Support package may be a good fit for you if: 

Our Self-Publishing Support package may not be a good fit for you if:

What’s the investment?

Self-Publishing Support: $4,750

This package provides you the ease of bringing your book over the finish line with the support of trusted experts in the industry. 

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