emPactful Book Marketing Solutions for Nonfiction Authors

  • Write a marketable book that sells.
  • Promote your book to those who need it most. 
  • Build or grow a business from your emPowering message.

Your why guides your how.

“I’d rather clean toilets than market my books…” was a statement an author once told us; proof of how daunting book marketing is to some, leaving them unsure where to invest time, energy and budget. 

With a roadmap and guardrails, successful book marketing is achievable. Our Author emPact Framework and Methodology utilize proven strategies to boost book sales and reach more readers.

This is our map to help authors find theirs.

The Author emPact Framework

Without marketing, books go unnoticed, failing to make an emPact.

So how do you stand out from the competition? Reach those who will be changed by it? Successfully launch it? Use it to leave a legacy? Make a difference in the communities you are a part of?

Sharing your story is only half the journey.

What you need are three more steps…

Write a book.

Ensure your book is marketable and one readers need and will take action from.

Sell more books.

Launch or relaunch your book to ensure your readers know they need it.

Build a business.

Utilize your expertise to serve your readers and clients in meaningful ways.

Stephanie has a true gift for understanding each of her author clients. She’s a brilliant marketer and truly cares about those she works with. I highly recommend her for any nonfiction author!
Shannon Carroll
Author of One Thing Remains
Working with Stephanie was like working with a friend who cares about helping me be successful. Her skills are far-ranging and her knowledge of the tools necessary to automate key processes was phenomenal.
Mike Amato
Author of The Better Way to Win
Stephanie’s strategic guidance, tactical execution, and thought-partnership has been invaluable to me as we set my book up for a successful launch and continued success.
Katie Anderson
Author of Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

Who We Are

We understand authors because we’re founded by one.

Stephanie Feger blends her marketing expertise with her personal book experience to ensure those who need to hear of a message, a book, an author or a brand, do! 

Nonfiction authors receive customized, innovative book marketing solutions through done-with-you and done-for-you services. With a focus on strategy and execution support, the emPower PR Group works closely with each author to achieve their desired success.

Achieve Your Book and Marketing Goals

Our experienced team is committed to author success!

Our personalized marketing strategies and a wide range of services help boost sales, build author platforms and launch books. Explore how we help.

Core Programs

Our 1:1 programs provide personalized book marketing coaching and execution support for authors at any stage of their journey. Using the Author emPact Framework and Methodology, our team assists authors in achieving their book goals.

Marketing Services

We understand the needs of authors and the challenges they face in finding the right support. That’s why, in addition to our core offerings, we provide a one-stop-shop for comprehensive marketing support and services that meet their needs.

Immersive Events

We host events, including hands-on workshops and deep-dive sessions, providing targeted support for authors with specific book marketing needs. Reserve your spot at our Author emPact Summit or sign-up for a Skills Academy workshop.

The emPowered Author Podcast

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Book marketing should emPower, not immobilize.

This is a deep-dive, share all the good stuff, marketing podcast for nonfiction authors who know the power of marketing and want innovative, out-of-the box strategies and tactics that are realistic, attainable and emPactful.

Don’t fear book marketing. This podcast will help you embrace it.

Latest Book by Stephanie

Make Your Author emPact

If you want to sell books, you have to market them.
If you want to reach people, you have to tell them.
If you want to build or grow a business, you have to spread the word.
If you want to leave a legacy, you have to embrace the core principles of marketing.

Make Your Author emPact is a comprehensive guide that offers marketing strategies and tactics to increase book sales, expand your audience and achieve your goals, regardless of whether you are traditionally published, self-published, or anywhere in between.

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