In today’s digital age, authors aren’t typically looking to secure a physical storefront to promote their books. Instead, they need a digital storefront to be the hub of their business (and yes, author friend, if you’ve published a book – or are on the verge of doing so – you are actually starting a business!).

When it comes to marketing, the approach isn’t always a cookie-cutter one. Not every marketing tactic is a great fit for all authors. However, there is one thing every author needs and that is an author website! No questions asked. Hands down, it’s an investment that is a must.

No longer are the days where merely having a website was a way to stick out. Instead, it’s pivotal to fitting in. Website are the central hub of your business, and they connect you with your readers in a meaningful and engaging way while providing you the opportunity to ensure that you are guiding them on how to best utilize you, your book and your message in their lives.

According to an article posted on the PR Newswire Report February 2021, many small business owners noted that websites were essential for doing business now-a-days. However, 20% of small businesses had no website. Most small businesses (71%) do have a site but building and maintaining it is still a challenge. Author friend, you, too, are running a business and having a website is essential, but don’t feel like you have to navigate it alone.

If you have written a book, you need a website. If you have decided to build a business from your book’s powerful message, you need a website. And if you want to spread the word, make a difference and leave a legacy, you likely also need a website, too. Is now the right time to create (or level up) a website?! If it aligns with a marketing strategy within your overarching marketing plan, the answer is likely yes!

Season 4 of The emPowered Author Podcast is dedicated to this topic and filled to the brim with valuable insights to help you learn more about author websites: why you need one, what it should include and how it can work for you to help you achieve your goals.

Ready to launch an author website but not sure where to begin (or what to expect)?

No worries … we’ve pulled out some of the most important key takeaways shared throughout season four of the podcast for you to utilize in preparing yourself for the website development process. This is one area of life that it pays to be prepared! 

Website Toolkit

Why do you need an author website, you ask?!

Great question!

Websites are a must. Trust us. And we’re not talking about just any website, but an author website is pivotal for you, your book and your business. 

In today’s world, it’s important to not just have an author website, but to have one that works for you, and not all websites are created equally. 

As you are building an author website (or leveling up your current one), here are a few things to consider:

Untitled design

You need a tool to work for you, but it doesn’t mean you have to create it alone. Whether its our team or another, remember there are experts who can help you so that you can stay focused doing what you love most! Below are some examples of author websites our team developed.

Meet the Team


Stephanie Feger

Stephanie Feger, owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, is passionate about emPowering nonfiction writers, authors and authorpreneurs with laser-focused marketing strategies and tactics to help them write books that sell, promote their books to those who need and want them most, and build a meaningful business from a message that is emPowering. Stephanie doesn’t believe in movement without strategy, and always keeps strategy front and center. She has also seen how emPowered people emPower people. In fact, her business is built around it!

photo of sandy

Sandy Wiles

Sandy Wiles is a website developer professional like none other. As an expert in nonfiction author and authority brand websites, she blends her creativity and attention to meaningful details with her passion for strategy in every website project she tackles. She’s innovative, solutions-focused, and knows the power of a website (and helps ensure every author harnesses that). Sandy knows how a reader and potential client navigates websites and she leverages that knowledge to create websites that convert. When Sandy and Stephanie bring together their skillsets, magic happens. 

Stephanie and Sandy are a dynamic duo when it comes to helping authors and authorpreneurs build upon their brand by developing an author website that has purpose! Whether you are looking for support in developing an author website or building upon your existing site to ensure it’s meeting your needs, our team is prepped and ready to emPower. 

Prior to website design and development, the emPower PR Group conducts a digital audit which allows the team to identify your current digital presence and identify areas of opportunity. After understanding the current digital landscape as well as a strategy call to identify the use of the website itself, one of the three types of author websites will be recommended for consideration. 

Author Website

Perfect for authors who are looking to build an online digital presence by sharing information about their books and their author journey.
  • Design includes up to 2 website pages.
  • Claim your domain name and provide room for growth.
  • Provide visitors a link to purchase book on Amazon (or another platform).

Authorpreneur Website

Perfect for authors who have a vision of where their book can (and will) take them and they want to have a website that shares in that vision.
  • Design includes multiple website pages
  • Outline your books, your offerings and more
  • Utilize opt-ins, lead magnets and email sequences for engagement.

e-Commerce Website

Perfect for authors looking to handle distribution of their books or other offerings such as bundles, T-shirts, etc. and has the team to support it.
  • Ideal for authors who want to handle distribution.
  • People can purchase from you anytime, day or night!
  • You can run a business without having a physical store to do so.

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