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You’re a thought leader. An influencer. An authority brand.
(Or you know a book can help make that happen!)

You have a book in your hands (or still in your mind!) that has the power to stand out. The question isn’t if it can. It’s how?


Deep breaths. Shake off the overwhelm.

What if we told you that all of that, and more, is right at your fingertips?

What you need is emPowerment.

emPower (v): to give someone the authority or power to do something.

The emPower PR Group is in the business of emPowering you…

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No matter where you are (or where you want to go) in your book marketing journey, our goal is to emPower you.

Our signature programs and our done-for-you (and done-with-you services) are built upon our signature framework which is focused on you becoming an emPowered author.

And how do you become an emPowered Author? Great question!

Our first step in working together starts with your purpose and the goals that you have that align with your why. This dictates which effective marketing strategies we recommend, ensuring that every move is methodical, cost-effective and impactful. And, through the process, our goal is quite simple: to emPower you!

What emPowered Authors are Saying

Your Strategist

Hey, I’m Stephanie.

How do you know what your life’s purpose is? For me, mine came in a dream … literally. A dream changed everything. It pushed me to write my first book, Color Today Pretty: An Inspirational Guide to Living a Life in Perspective. It pushed me to become an entrepreneur. And it pushed me to build the emPower PR Group so I could help other authors become empowered to do the same.

As founder, owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group and host of The emPowered Author Podcast, I know what authors need because I am one, and I’m ready (along with our amazing team) to emPower you to achieve your book and your business dreams! Let’s make that happen.

All I have to say to a crowd of people is that I’m an author, and I see this statistic to be true: over 80 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them that is calling to be written, published and shared!

That’s exciting, especially since I know, first-hand, how stories (and books) and writers (and authors) change lives in very meaningful, real and impactful ways. But what I find even more interesting are their reasons why.

Writing a book is only half of the challenge. Getting it in the hands of those who could benefit most from it … well that’s a different challenge altogether. And one to which we here at the emPower PR Group say “bring it on!”

While we have very little in common with the cheerleaders from the 2000 teen cheerleading flick, we are cheerleaders in our own right. In fact, marketing has a lot of similarities to cheerleading.

My husband was the one in our family who wanted to be an entrepreneur, not me. I was content sitting in my little office in Downtown Louisville working with the media and assisting in developing and executing promotional efforts. I was preparing for retirement (at the ripe old age of 30 something) until everything changed. 

I had a feeling that changes were coming. They always are, actually.

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headquartered in Kentucky

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