Ready to be a Marketing VIP?

Well, you already are... but let's set aside a day dedicated to the marketing efforts needed for you, your book and your business. Imagine what's possible!

Rachel Platten said it best in her song Stand by You: “I’m gonna stand by you. Even if we’re breaking down, we can find a way to break through… you’re not alone. I’m gonna stand by you.”

Her song wasn’t talking about marketing support… but it sure does apply here when we are talking about the power of an emPowered Author VIP Day. No breakdowns required. Only breakthroughs! We’ve got you covered for a 5-hour, deep dive intensive on all things marketing.

Strategy always takes lead here at the emPower PR Group. And it’s front and center during our VIP Days. Stephanie Feger’s zone of genius is strategy, and she loves helping authors bring strategy to life, which is the name of the VIP Day game. Imagine… 5 uninterrupted hours of a seasoned marketing expert focused only on your needs! That’s what this is all about.

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Whether you need a marketing plan or infused strategy on your book and your business, an emPowered Author VIP Day puts you and your book marketing needs front and center for a 5-hour intensive.

“Stephanie TRULY wowed us and exceeded any expectations. Her guidance was clear, and she nailed it. Hard to imagine a better partner for a first-time author to have.”

— Lisa Wise, author of Self-Elected: How to Put Justice Over Profit and Soar in Business

emPower PR Group VIP Day

Two options that provide strategy support from a seasoned book marketing professional.

Marketing Plan VIP Day

You’ve written a book but haven’t a clue how to market it?! Our emPowered Author Marketing Plan VIP Day option is the first stop for any author who is looking for the roadmap to success. How can you get from point A to point B without a guide? (The answer is simple: you can’t.) We create a robust marketing plan customized to your book and your business needs that is ready for you to put into action immediately. (Or, we are poised to help you execute it, too!). 

Strategy VIP Day

Looking for a 5-hour, infused strategy session with a book marketing expert? The emPowered Author Strategy VIP Day is a hands-on support solution designed for authors who need help and pronto. This one-day deep dive session with Stephanie can be downright game-changing. Whether you seek an in-person experience or a virtual one (one where you are working alongside her or one where you just want her mind and efforts focused on execution), this VIP Day provides the flexibility to help you where you are, right now, and get where you want (and need) to go so you can make the greatest emPact.

How does an emPowered Author VIP Day work?

Great question! Let’s walk through what to expect.

How does an emPowered Author VIP Day work?

Great question! Let’s walk through what to expect.

Make the Most of Your VIP Day

While a lot can be accomplished in a day, the most successful VIP Days are those that are well thought through by the author based on their needs and marketing goals. Here are some tips to consider when considering and/or preparing for your session.

Reflect & Prepare

Reflect on your book marketing challenges, and identify the hurdles you've had and/or potential challenges you’ll face. Know what you need help with most so you can use your VIP Day to support it.

Clarify Your Goals

Identify marketing goals for your book and/or business’ success, and prioritize them. Typically, a Strategy VIP Day allows time for several topics to be discussed, and our intake form will ensure that we can best prioritize the day for the greatest emPact.

Trust the Process

Stephanie has been in the industry for years, and she has written several books of her own too. She understands where you are and where you need to go. She will help you get there. Come open-minded.

An emPowered Author VIP Day may be the right fit for you if: 

An emPowered Author VIP Day may not be right for you if:

What’s the Investment?

emPowered Author VIP Day: $1,500

Both the Marketing Plan VIP Day and the Strategy VIP Day are offered at this investment level and executed by Stephanie Feger, founder and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group. The Marketing Plan VIP Day includes a robust marketing plan as a tangible deliverable. The Strategy VIP Day includes 5-hours of strategy support on your author needs right now.

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