5 Hours. Infinite Possibilities.

Let’s set aside a day dedicated to the marketing efforts needed for you, your book and your business.

Together, we can:

  • Stay high-level, focusing efforts on your marketing strategy.
  • Get in the weeds and prioritize marketing execution needs.
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Strategic support from a seasoned book marketing professional.

The emPowered Author VIP Day will offer hands-on support with quick results.

This deep dive, 1-day session with Stephanie can be virtual or in-person and offers the flexibility to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go. With a focus on strategy and execution, this VIP Day is the perfect solution for authors looking to make a big emPact.

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How does an emPowered Author VIP Day work?

Spend the day being treated like the VIP you already are. Here’s what to expect.

  • Before booking a VIP Day, Stephanie will consult with you to determine a suitable date for scheduling.
  • VIP Days can be held in-person or virtually. Virtual VIP Days have 2 meetings throughout the day. In-person VIP Days offer a 5-hour, face-to-face session.
  • VIP Day flow, outcomes, collaboration and engagement vary based on goals. All documents, tools created and Zoom recordings are shared via a Google Drive folder.
  • Completion of an intake form outlining your marketing goals, priorities and needs is required before your VIP Day.
  • Our VIP Days offer flexibility in terms of focus, as they can be either strategic or execution-based.
  • If you choose an execution-based VIP Day, you must select a specific marketing topic from the book marketing support options provided for targeted deliverables.

Take your book and authorpreneur business to the next level with our customizable Strategy VIP Day, designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Explore our VIP Day themes below for inspiration as you prepare for yours.

Your Marketable Book

Refine your book idea and craft a marketable book. Whether you have a book outline or a full manuscript draft, let’s collaborate to ensure your book resonates with your target audience and achieves your goals.

Potential strategic discussions include:

  • Target reader analysis
  • Outline review and build out
  • Manuscript discussion and recommendations
  • Marketable book elements for consideration
  • Layout discussion
  • Competitive analysis
  • Metadata development
  • Keyword and category research
  • Description drafting

Your Author Platform

Ensure your author platform is working for you, your book and your business. Maximize your reach to actively reach your readers, effectively promote your book and methodically sell books and grow your business.

Potential strategic discussions include:

  • Target reader analysis
  • Digital presence audit for website, social and Amazon
  • Recommendations to optimize current platform
  • In-bound marketing and content strategy
  • Content cadence, frequency and calendar creation
  • Messaging clarity
  • Marketing support systems

Your Authorpreneur Business

The moment you publish a book, you are creating a business. Develop a strategic approach to ensure your business successfully solves the authorpreneur equation (your value + their needs = a marketable solution).

Potential strategic discussions include:

  • Target reader and client analysis
  • Digital presence audit for website, social and Amazon
  • Business model and framework
  • Business offering clarity, pricing and messaging
  • Marketing support systems
  • Workflows, standard operating procedures and best practices
  • Visibility, engagement and lead generation

Need hands-on marketing support for your book or business? Choose one of our marketing support packages and let the emPower PR Group use our Execution VIP Day to bring your marketing needs to life in real-time.

Marketable Book

Ensure your book has the marketing elements needed to convert your readers to loyal fans and clients.

  • Marketable book elements
  • Metadata support and category research
  • Lead magnet and email sequence development


Optimize Amazon, a pivotal distribution platform, for maximizing your book’s visibility and sales potential.

  • Amazon description drafting
  • Keyword and category research
  • Amazon A+ content
  • Author Central support
  • KDP countdown set-up

Social Media

Increase your social media presence and engagement leading to increased book visibility and brand awareness.

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube audit
  • Optimization recommendations and year-long social calendar
  • Drafting of 12 memes and social posts

Inbound Marketing

Attract and engage readers by creating valuable content that resonates with their target audience.

  • Target reader analysis
  • Year-long content strategy development
  • Drafting of a +/- 1,500 word blog
  • Email marketing plan and template


Get seen and be heard through a targeted visibility strategy to reach your target reader where they are.

  • Podcast pitch-sheet development, research and 10 pitches
  • Thought leadership research and 10 pitches
  • Strategic partnership research

Book Business

Build an authorpreneur business that is emPactful by leveraging marketing systems to support your offerings.

  • Business framework design
  • CRM setup (Dubsado)
  • Project management setup (ClickUp)
  • Payment system setup

Is our emPowered Author VIP Day right for you?

Are you an author who needs to up your book marketing game? Our VIP Day may be just what you’re looking for. But how do you know if it’s the right fit? If you’re ready for a deep dive into your book marketing strategy with a seasoned marketing expert, then possibly it is.

  • You are an author seeking sound marketing insights from someone who has been there and understands.
  • You are unsure what the first or next marketing step should be to tackle your goals so you’d like targeted, customized and actionable marketing advice and support.
  • You’d like to get some book marketing guidance now to take action on, and you know a marketing plan is critical.
  • You have specific marketing needs and would find insights from a seasoned professional valuable.
  • You have a book concept, one ready to publish, one in your hands or a business that you are looking to build or grow that aligns with your book’s message.
  • You are not open-minded to receiving marketing advice to support your book and business needs.
  • You haven’t begun writing your book or don’t even have an idea kernel for a book.
  • You don’t believe in the power of marketing as a tool to help you sell more books or build and grow a business.
  • You aren’t worried about selling books or making a difference in the lives of others through your written words and derivative offerings.

your investment

emPowered Author VIP Day

Whether you are seeking strategy or execution support, a VIP Day will leave you emPowered.



A VIP Day includes:

  • A detailed intake form allowing you the opportunity to note your priorities for the day.
  • VIP Days can be in-person or virtual.
  • Strategy VIP Days focus on methodical, strategic discussions and are a 5-hour experience.
  • Execution VIP Days focus on tactics for one selected marketing topic with clear deliverables.
  • All deliverables are shared afterward.
From the moment I first heard Stephanie speak, I knew I wanted to work with her! After completing a VIP day with Stephanie where she did a deep-dive audit of my website, business plan, social media and more, I can say it was one of the top, game-changing days for my business!
Shannon Carroll, Author of One Thing Remains

Your personal emPowerment squad.

When it comes to a VIP Day, Stephanie and Jesse are the power duo you need. Stephanie leads the VIP Day with her strategic insights on your book marketing needs while Jesse offers operational support as needed. Together, they make sure that your day is infused with purpose.

Stephanie Feger Headshot


Chief Strategist

Jesse White


Director of Operations

emPower PR Group VIP Day

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. New authors to emPower PR Group need a Book Marketing Plan before a VIP Day for a deeper dive. Without a plan, execution can’t happen. If we’ve created a plan for you before, a VIP Day can focus on strategy development or execution support. Stephanie reserves time each month for a handful of VIP Days on her calendar. If you are interested in booking a VIP Day, schedule an interest chat with Stephanie and, together, you will identify a day that works best for everyone.

To make the most of your VIP Day, it’s essential to prepare in advance. Stephanie will review the information you provide in the intake form before the session, ensuring that her strategic insights are aligned with your needs. Please be forthcoming with the details required in the form, as completion is required at least one week before the session. If you’re unsure whether a VIP Day is right for you, a strategy session is a great first step.

For the most productive VIP Day, authors should make book marketing their top priority. While Stephanie may be in execution mode, being available via email for quick responses to unexpected questions can help ensure the day produces maximum results. Typically, two calls take place throughout the day for virtual VIP Days. In-person VIP Days require a full day of focus from the author, while virtual VIP Days can be more flexible.

It depends based on your needs and those that you share in the intake form. This is your VIP Day! You decide how you need Stephanie’s help most. Are you in need of strategic guidance and planning? Are you looking to learn alongside so you can keep up momentum? You get 5 hours to use however you and your business need them most.

A VIP Day is a one-time charge of $1,500. Full payment is required prior to scheduling the VIP Day. Upon completion of the contract, payment of the invoice and agreement to the terms and conditions, you will get a link to an intake form. We will get the date scheduled and the fun begins!

Yay! Congrats on taking this important step in your book marketing journey. If you are ready to get started, click this link, and let’s get a date on the books.

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