Don’t just write any book. Write a book that sells!

When you think like your reader from the very beginning, you’re writing a book that they need and one that they will likely buy.

Writing a marketable book is a dream for many, but it requires a strategic approach. Stephanie shares insights on how to write a book that authors are proud of and that resonates with their target readers.

With Stephanie Feger’s personal experience and marketing expertise, she understands the journey from dream to daunting reality. She emphasizes the key differentiator between ordinary books and life-changing, bestselling ones: successful authors write for others.

Learn Stephanie’s Write to Your Reader Framework and:

  • Gain clarity on your niche, ensuring you’re writing a book to and for your readers.
  • Uncover insights into what makes a manuscript marketable and what marketable elements should be included you may not know about or forget to include. 
  • Walk away with knowledge on how to leverage a book and how to gain clarity on usage during manuscript drafting (and why that’s important!).

Learn more about Stephanie’s book, Make Your Author emPact, and gain even more insights into how to write a book that sells.

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headquartered in Kentucky

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