Stand out, inspire your reader, and emPower them
beyond the last page.

We help nonfiction authors write books that sell, promote their books to those who need them, and build meaningful businesses from their emPowering messages.

Find out how we can do this for you.

But first, we want to know why you wrote a book (or are in the process of doing so) in the first place.

Out of the countless ways you could share a message, choosing to write a book is powerful, and knowing your why helps us strategize on the most effective marketing solutions to help you achieve your goals.

At the cornerstone of your author journey, what is your primary goal? To share a message? To make an impact? To make some money? From our first conversation, we help you, nonfiction author, gain this clarity, and in doing so, it focuses our marketing efforts to help you write a marketable book, sell your book to those who will benefit from it most, and evolve into an authorpreneur, building a meaningful business in the process.

Our signature programs and offerings are built upon the three pillars of what makes an author an emPowered one. We don’t believe in movement without strategy, and our strategy starts here.

Signature Programs

Want to write a book that you love and one that others will buy?

You have an idea that everyone needs to hear.

But you don’t know how to get it out of your brain, and onto the page. Let’s be honest, writing a book is about so much more than writing a book. It’s about knowing your niche, writing FOR your reader, and overcoming the overwhelm.

When you participate in our emPowered Writer program, you turn the book in your mind into the book in your hand. And not just any book – a strong manuscript that you KNOW people will buy and read. Let’s do this!

The emPowered Writer Program

Want focused coaching and support to help launch your new book?

Inspire your readers, and make Amazon fall in love with you.

The road to the top of the reading list requires energy and momentum. It requires launches, social media optimization, an email system, copywriting, podcast pitching, graphics, and more … it can be a lot. And, let’s be honest, it may make your head spin.

Our emPowered Author program provides you with the marketing support needed that helps you position your book for a successful launch, including the potential to be an Amazon best-selling author.

Watch how Debbie took her dream book from an idea to reality:

The emPowered Author Program

Take a look at how Wes put his message in front of precisely the right people:

Is it time for you to build or grow a business from your book?

You’ve published a book and realized that in doing so, you’ve launched a business tool! Congrats, authorpreneur. Now it’s time to bring it all to life.

Imagine what could happen for you if you wrote a book about business practices, and built a business using those practices. That’s alignment right there. To do this, you need a strategy. You identify priorities and you employ tactics to complete them. And you need support to embark on building a business that has the power to change lives — those of other people and your own, too!

Our emPowered Authopreneur program provides you with marketing support and guidance in building, growing and leveraging a business that is in alignment with the messages found within your book.

The emPowered Authorpreneur Program

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Watch how Robin has become emPowered to take the message from the page to the stage:

Additional Programs

Want real-time marketing coaching, guidance and support. And pronto?! Get our Chief Strategist Stephanie Feger’s marketing brain on your book and business through these 1:1 offerings.

Marketing Strategy Session

One hour can make all the difference. Get marketing insights and actionable tips from Stephanie, and emPower your book or your business in this strategy session.

Marketing VIP Day

For immediate strategy development and tactical support and execution, a one-day deep dive intensive session with Stephanie is game-changing.

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