Book Marketing Tips for Authors Using a Pseudonym

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As I help my kiddos perfect their costumes for tonight’s festive endeavors (for those reading this days, weeks or years later … it’s Halloween!), I’m finding an odd connection between the joy of putting on a different persona one day each year with a recent question I was asked by an aspiring author. (Yes, when … Read More

Understand What They Value

Empower Pr Group Time Or Money

I remember trudging into my local craft store for the umpteenth time pulling my blue rolling cart that I had purchased with my hard-earned money from my door wreath business. Instead of purchasing products that day, I was going to teach others what to do with the products that they could pick up any day … Read More

Taking It to the Bare Roots

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With a chai tea in one hand and a handful of dirt in the other, I decided it was time to take a stab at the sore eye in the room and not neglect it any longer. Who knew that a Saturday morning would be the perfect conditions for a two-in-one gardening and marketing lesson!? … Read More

The Social Dilemma

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I remember when I started working in the marketing field, social media was a completely foreign concept for businesses. Facebook had just launched, and the rest of the world was trying to figure out what it meant to “poke” another person on the platform and why anyone would care about learning what someone else was … Read More

The Gifts of emPowerment

Empower Pr Group Gifts Of Empowerment Blog Post

I’m always excited when I look under my family’s Christmas tree at all of the unwrapped boxes of possibilities each year. I, of course, know the contents of most since I’m the one doing the bulk of the wrapping, but seeing the joy on each of my kid’s faces when they analyze the size of … Read More

Focus on Your Steps

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Two years ago, I was approached by someone who had watched my journey from a seemingly comfortable and consistent job to an entrepreneurial life filled with lots of unknowns with a simple but game-changing question. “Stephanie,” he asked. “If you knew what it would have taken for you to get to where you are, would … Read More

Wants vs. Needs

Passion Blog Post

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but my most profound marketing insight came in one of the most peculiar and unexpected of circumstances. I just laughed with a client this week about how college is about learning, but most of it is outside of the classroom. There’s much truth to that, and while I learned a … Read More

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