All-Year Festivity: Sell More Books with Holiday Marketing Tips

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The holidays aren’t just a time for family gatherings, gift giving and memory making. It’s not just a season of heart-shaped candies, creepy costumes and twinkly lights adorning homes and shops. While holidays do offer opportunities for a change of pace, for authors, it also offers an opportunity to boost book sales.  Marketing isn’t reserved … Read More

Keeping Clear on Your Marketing Goals

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Do you have beagle syndrome? I’ve published a book and yet I find myself wondering where to go? What should I do next? Should I go here? No, there? No, where?!  Do you feel more like a squirrel some days? Maybe I’ll jump here or there or in your gutters or across the street, unexpectedly, … Read More

Every Author Needs an Author Brand (And Hint … That’s Different Than Your Book Brand)

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There are a few words in the marketing world that some may think are of a different language altogether. Phrases like … lead magnet and nurture sequence … or words such as opt-in and platform.  As I strategize with authors, however, I realize that the word itself may not be unheard of. Instead, it’s likely … Read More

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