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I’m guessing you have a dream to write and publish a book? Maybe this dream has made it to your bucket list! Or you have a message that the world needs and one that you feel called to share. Possibly you have that writing itch … you know, that feeling deep within that is calling you to write something meaningful and you just can’t move on without doing so. Or you see what a book can do for you personally and professionally. Maybe you are wanting to start a business or elevate an existing one, and you know a book has power.

Listen, I understand, and I get it. In fact, I get you because I am you. However, from my personal experience, I know just how powerful a book can be and just how important having a marketing mindset is from the very beginning. And that’s where I come in. Hey, I’m Stephanie, your book marketing coach!


Stephanie Feger

I love books. I love authors. And I love helping authors market their books! As the founder and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, I help nonfiction authors write books that sell, promote books to those who need them and will buy them, and build meaningful businesses around empowering messages. I’m an author myself of two books and bring my personal experience to this program and every author I work with!

When people find out I’ve authored two of my own books, I get asked a slew of questions … ones that uncovered for me a group of very excited and nervous thought leaders who subconsciously knew that there’s a step that comes before marketing a book … and that is writing a book.

Regularly, I get asked questions such as: 

Hey Stephanie, I think I want to write a book but how do I make that happen? Or, you know, I have a book I’ve written but I haven’t a clue what the next step is! Help! My favorite question is usually this one: Will anyone want to read or buy my book? (It’s my favorite because it’s the one we are all asking ourselves but only a select few voice it!). Or let’s toss this one out there: How in the world do I get published? And, in my opinion possibly the most important question, how will you go about selling your finished masterpiece?

Writing a book can seem dreamy, and yet, when you embark on the journey, it can become downright daunting. I know this because I’ve lived it, myself. And if I learned anything in my personal process from writing to publishing it’s the power of having the right people supporting me along the way. That’s why we have The emPowered Writer, a signature program of ours here at the emPower PR Group.

I’ve had the chance to work with many nonfiction authors in various stages of their book dreams, and what I’ve come to find as the key differentiator between just any book and a book that changes lives (and sells as well) is this …

Many people write their book; but those who are successful write their book for others.

The emPowered Writer helps you write a book that you love and one that others will be inspired by!

The emPowered Writer, a signature offering of the emPower PR Group, supports you, an aspiring author, in achieving your goal of writing — and then being prepped to publish — a book that you are proud of and is positioned to be successful. This program isn’t meant to only help you bring your book to life, it’s meant to help you write a book your readers need, want and will buy. It’s meant to help you write a marketable book, one that will not only help you achieve your dreams, but inspire others in the process.

The emPowered Writer will emPower you to achieve various levels of success including:

The emPowered Writer may be the right fit for you if:

The emPowered Writer may not be right for you if:

So, let’s talk about program specifics!

The emPowered Writer, a 3-month signature program of the emPower PR Group, provides writers the following support:


When you join The emPowered Writer, you also receive:

The emPowered Writer Workbook

This program takes writers through three pivotal stages of making the shift from writer to author.

Month 1: From The Mind
With a deep discussion on target audience, this month's priority is focused on ensuring that your book concept and manuscript is both needed in the marketplace and written in a way that will speak to the needs of readers (especially readers who will purchase books!).
Month 2: For The Message
Anyone can write a book, but not everyone can write a book that leaves a lasting impact on the reader. The message of your book is what differentiates your book from another and leveraging that powerful message prior to the book's release can solicit excitement before you are published. Building a tribe of followers before your book is published helps ensure that your book is set up for success early on.
Month 3: To The Masses
A strategic discussion highlighting the goals and success metrics of your book will assist in determining the appropriate publishing approach to meet your needs. Depending upon the type of publishing you seek, the emPower PR Group will provide virtual introductions to editors, formatters, graphic designers, supported self-publishers and collaborative publishers for your consideration.
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What is the Investment?

The emPowered Writer - $1,000/month for the 3-month program

This is a 3-month program with weekly and monthly accountability, engagement and guidance to support you in turning your book dream into a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in becoming an emPowered Writer (and then an emPowered Author) is believing that you are worthy, you are worth it, and you have a message that the world needs to hear.

Remember, while many people want to write a book, only a few ever will. It’s not easy, but it can be done with purpose. And us here at the emPower PR Group are ready to help you.