Write the book people will buy.

Before publishing the book of your dreams, ensure the book is one your readers dream of as well.

We believe that emPowered writers…

  • Write books that matter.
  • Write books they are passionate about.
  • Write books that sell.
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Many people write books, but successful authors write theirs for others.

The emPowered Writer program helps authors write books they love and ones others are inspired by.

A common author concern is whether anyone will want to read or buy their book. Great question; simple answer. When you write a marketable book, not only will they want to buy it, but readers will.

Do you have a dream to write and publish a book? Do you have a compelling message the world needs to hear? Do you have a business a book can elevate or create? The emPowered Writer Program is poised to help authors who want to write books that sell make that dream their reality.

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How does The emPowered Writer Program work?

This self-guided program supports aspiring authors in writing a marketable book that sells. By focusing on a book that meets the needs and desires of readers, you can achieve your goals and inspire others along the way.

  • Ensure your book is written specifically for your audience—a niche that wants your book and is willing to pay for it!
  • Develop a strong manuscript written for your reader, prioritizing their needs over your personal preferences.
  • Get step-by-step self-guided direction to turn the book in your mind into the book in your hand.
  • Experience 12 weeks of focused priorities that takes you from overwhelm to “let’s do this!”
  • Work through the Write to Your Reader framework to ensure your book is one your target readers need (and will buy).
  • Build a tribe of followers before your book is published.
  • Access swipe copy, templates and resources for diverse book marketing assistance, including beta reader recruitment.
  • Learn email management systems and online graphic creation tools, boosting visibility and engagement with readers.

Is The emPowered Writer Program right for you?

Our program equips authors with the tools, knowledge and trusted guidance needed to navigate the complex process of writing and publishing their book through the lens of marketing it along the way. This self-guided program may be the perfect solution to help you write a book your readers are begging for.

  • You aspire to publish a book and are ready to turn that dream into a reality.
  • You have drafted your manuscript and are interested in ensuring it is one that speaks your message and to your ideal readers effectively and with emPact.
  • You have published before but didn’t find the success that you had hoped and are seeking ways to write a book that will sell.
  • You are looking to release a second edition of your book, a book that has boundless potential, and you want to ensure it’s the best yet.
  • You are a nonfiction author and seek the guidance needed to write a strong manuscript that will be ready for publishing! (While both fiction and nonfiction are valuable book genres, the emPower PR Group specializes in supporting nonfiction authors, and writers who are seeking to publish a nonfiction book.)
  • You believe in your work—and your message—but also know that the best way to spread your message is to write a book that others will buy, and you want to ensure that happens.
  • You are a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant or speaker who has a new or an established business and is looking to provide a book offering as a derivative of your business to level up your thought leadership.
  • You haven’t written any of your book and you are looking for a book coach to help you. (While The emPowered Writer can provide you some support in book flow, transition, organization and more, the program is most effective for writers who have a solid manuscript to work from.)
  • You aren’t open to feedback on your work and aren’t willing to shift how you see the purpose of your writing.
  • You are a fiction author who is seeking marketing support. (There are plenty of other marketing resources and agencies that can support you and we are happy to connect you with them!)
  • You are already on the publishing journey with a traditional or collaborative publisher. Hopefully if you are at this point you have already received the mentoring and marketing advice needed to ensure your book is marketable.
  • You aren’t worried about selling books or making a difference in the lives of others through your written words and derivative offerings.
  • You have already written a book and want to market it (don’t worry, we have other solutions to help there, so let’s chat)!
“You will not find a better book coach than Stephanie Feger. Her kind but firm guidance makes successful publishing accessible. She’s a strong, generous voice that keeps a writer moving on a clear path toward a sellable book.”
Elisabeth Swan, Author of Picture Yourself a Leader
your investment

The emPowered Writer Program

This on-demand program provides expert guidance to turn your book dream into reality.


The emPowered Writer Program includes:

  • 12 weeks of focused priorities for writers who want to be authors.
  • Self-guided support on how to turn the book in your mind into the book in your hand by working through topics on mindset, target audience, manuscript outline, feedback, marketable book elements, branding, author platform and more!
  • On-demand video tutorials and accompanying workbook.
  • Publishing insights to help you determine the best approach to support your specific book goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Writing a book is overwhelming. I get it. I know it. I’ve lived it. And because of that, I’ve created this program in a way that prioritizes your efforts in a streamlined approach to help you find space to accomplish your goals but breathe in the process. My goal is for you to make progress in a methodical way that will help you get across the finish line while still having balance in your personal and professional life. To accomplish this, this program is broken into weekly focused topics to help prioritize tactics. each week you will have a focused priority and theme.

Your book journey is your journey; you determine the timeline! Our recommendation is to create a schedule with specific goals to hold yourself accountable as you navigate this program. While you have lifetime access to this program, it’s only effective if you use it! Making the commitment to this program and your book’s growth (and your own) is pivotal to the success you are seeking. Don’t short-change yourself!

The emPowered Writer program is meant to help you take your book from good to great… from a book you are excited about to a book you are proud of… from something you wrote because you felt you needed to accomplish to a book that others will invest their time and money in. To get the most out of this program, it is encouraged that a solid first draft of your manuscript be in place. This program isn’t a book coaching program (however if you need that support let us know and we’d be happy to introduce you to some amazing book coaches for you to consider). Instead, this program is designed by a book marketer with the intention of ensuring that your book is a marketable book, and with the guidance in place to help you start to build an author platform now, while you perfect your book at the same time.

The emPowered Writer Program is designed to provide authors with a self-guided and on-demand solution for their writing needs. Although the program does not include 1:1 support as a standard offering, authors have the option to enhance their experience by adding a strategy session or a book marketing plan to their efforts. Stephanie, with her strategic marketing expertise, can offer valuable insights into their manuscript.

Yay! Let’s make that happen. During a 15-minute chat, we will walk you through the platform before sending a proposal for your consideration. Take a moment to schedule time with us so we can help you bring your book to life!

It’s time to write a marketable book.

You’ve got this, and we’re here to help.

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