The emPowered Writer

Write a book that you love and one that others will buy.

Writing a book is about so much more than writing a book. It’s about knowing your niche, writing for your reader, and overcoming the overwhelm. Turn the book in your mind into the book in your hand. And not just any book – a strong manuscript that you know people will buy and read.

The emPowered Author

Get focused coaching and support to launch (or re-launch) your new book.

The road to the top of the reading list requires energy and momentum. Get the marketing support needed that helps you position your book for a successful launch (or re-launch), including the potential to be an Amazon best-selling author.

The emPowered Authorpreneur

It’s time to build or grow a business from your book.

You’ve published a book and, in doing so, you’ve launched a business, too! Congrats, authorpreneur. Get strategic marketing support and guidance in building, growing and leveraging a business that is in alignment with the messages found within your book.

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