Much can be accomplished in an hour.

Imagine what you can do in just 60 minutes.

Are you ready to use that time to propel your book marketing efforts?

1 hour. 60 minutes. 3,600 seconds. There is so much potential those moments hold. You could …

All great ways to spend your time. Or you could invest in it and …

Here at the emPower PR Group, we are dedicated to making every hour count. Especially the hour we spend in an Author emPact Strategy Session


Stephanie Feger

Methodical. Intuitive. Strategic. Empowering.

 Authors have used those words to describe how I dive into their book marketing efforts and identify areas of opportunity and tangible marketing solutions. 

As the founder and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group, I love helping nonfiction authors develop meaningful marketing approaches to tackle their goals. 

And I’d love to spend an hour helping you develop yours!

One hour can make all the difference. Get marketing insights and actionable tips that emPower your book or business in this strategy session.

Get actionable advice from a seasoned book marketing professional.

One of Stephanie’s superpowers is strategy development, and she’s never short of endless innovative and effective marketing strategies for authors to consider and implement. And, as an author herself, she understands what is needed to help you accomplish your book marketing goals. 


Embark on a jam-packed 60-minute session with Stephanie, and be prepared to walk away with an action plan to help you move forward with methodical and effective purpose. While all of your marketing needs can’t be fixed in an hour, rest assured that you will walk away with a plan on how to build and maintain momentum toward your identified marketing goals. 

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So, how does an Author emPact Strategy Session work?

Excellent question! After you decide to move forward with an Author emPact Strategy Session, you’ll receive a link to schedule a 1-hour time slot that works for your schedule. Then, the fun begins!

Tips to Make the Most of YourAuthor emPact Strategy Session
While a lot can be accomplished in an hour, the most successful strategy sessions are those that are well thought through by the author based on their needs and marketing goals. Here are some tips to consider when considering and/or preparing for your session.
Reflect and Come Prepared
Reflect on your book marketing challenges and clearly identify the hurdles that you have met thus far in your efforts and/or could be potential challenges you’ll face. Be sure to share those with Stephanie prior to the call.
Have Clarity on Your Goal(s)
Identify up to 3 goals that you have for your book and/or business’ success. You may have already articulated your marketing goals, but if you haven’t consider the goals you have for your efforts as a whole. (This could align with book sales, business growth, etc.) Prioritize your goals. Typically, a 1-hour strategy session allows time for discussion around one goal, but have up to two additional goals on hand just in case time allows!
Know What You Want to Tackle
Have clarity on what you want to accomplish from the session. Are you wanting assistance in outlining a marketable book? Are you seeking book launch guidance? Do you have plans to leverage social media for ongoing promotion? Those who have clarity find the greatest success from this offering.
Know Your What You Need Help With Most
Don’t be afraid of acknowledging what you know and what you don’t know. You wrote a book (or are preparing to write one) and THAT is your zone of genius. Marketing may not be. And that’s okay! Let Stephanie know what your marketing strengths are and where you feel overwhelmed. She can (and will) help!
Be Open-Minded and Trust the Process
Stephanie has been in the industry for years and she has written several of her own books too. She understands where you are and she knows where you need to go. She will help you get there! And if there are additional opportunities to help you, she will share those, too, during and after your session.

A Strategy Session may be the right fit for you if: 

A strategy session may not be right for you if:

What is the Investment?

Author emPact Strategy Session - $500

This is a one-time 60-minute strategy session with Stephanie Feger, founder and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group.

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