Make Your Author emPact

Sell more books, increase your reach and achieve your why!

You wrote a book (or are planning to). Now, how do you sell it? 

Or, better question, how do you use it to make your author emPact?

(Spoiler alert: Writing a book is only half the battle. Marketing it is another story. Literally.) Without marketing your book, it will likely never have the opportunity to fulfill it’s purpose. Let’s help it (and you) make an emPact. During the Conference of Writers, Stephanie Feger is presenting on how to make your author emPact. 

Take advantage of her Author emPact Checklist to help:

Author emPact Checklists

Download the Author emPact Checklist.

The robust checklist will help you leverage the Author emPact Method to sell more books, increase your reach and achieve your why.

A Special Gift!

I’ve got a little something special for you.

Attendees of the 2023 Conference for Writers can receive a personalized 5-minute video book marketing tip customized to align with a book marketing question. Through an intake form, you can share a book marketing question, and Stephanie will record a video just for you in return! Take advantage of this offer and get specific advice on how to make your author emPact.