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Do you have beagle syndrome? I’ve published a book and yet I find myself wondering where to go? What should I do next? Should I go here? No, there? No, where?! 

Do you feel more like a squirrel some days? Maybe I’ll jump here or there or in your gutters or across the street, unexpectedly, with no purpose. 

Or has the shiny new object syndrome caught your eye? It’s so bright and full of potential. Surely, I must do what everyone else is doing, right now, even if I know nothing about it and it’s not in alignment with my goals. 

Or you are a lover of spaghetti throwing. Those noodles are so enticing. I’ll just keep tossing them to see what will stick, only to find that nothing is. 

While I love animals (and beagles), I don’t want you running around aimlessly. Squirrels are cute but they are not animals to look up to in my humble opinion. Shiny may seem like it’s synonymous with sparkly, but it’s usually not. That shine will fade. And a delicious spaghetti dinner may be lovely occasionally, but you may find that you shouldn’t be throwing spaghetti at all… maybe you should be throwing chicken or veggies instead.

Writing a book isn’t easy. Marketing that book isn’t easy either. And I find, time after time, that many authors haven’t a clue what the next right step is to ensure that the book they wrote is one others find and opt to read. 

I was excited to share my insights on the Publish Her Podcast and wanted to give you a sneak peek of what to uncover while listening. 

Perspective is the underlying thread on how I see the world, how I run my business and how I see marketing. 

It’s deep within my first book. It’s a part of how I see the world. And it’s at the cornerstone of how I see marketing, too. If you focus on your perspective… on what your why  is… it will open doors on what you NEED to do versus what everyone else is doing. 

Do you know your author why? Do you know why you chose to write a book over another path to share a message? Do you know why you need to share this message and to whom? This is pivotal in unlocking your next right step, and it will take out a lot of unsuccessful spaghetti throwing for you, too. 

In the podcast, I talk about the Author emPact Framework, which is what we use to uncover the next right step in book marketing. And, you guessed it, it hinges on your why. Your why helps you map out your goals and objectives and it keeps you on the right path. For most authors, their whys likely fall into one of three buckets: share a message, make an emPact or increase revenue. 

  • If you want to share a message, you have to write a marketable book and sell it. 
  • If you want to make an emPact, you have to write a marketable book and build or grow a business alongside. 
  • If you want to increase revenue, you have to write a marketable book and ensure you are selling it and building and growing a business too.

When marketing your book, it’s important to focus on the most impactful actions, not just doing ALL the things to see what works. Take a listen to the podcast to hear more insights into how to stay focused on your goal.

I love helping authors navigate their book marketing next steps and leveraging their why as a starting point. Let's chat! Schedule a free 15-minute chat with yours truly, and let's discuss the next right step for you to take so that you can reach those who need you most and ensure that your book, your message and your business is emPactful.

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Stephanie Feger

Throughout her life, she’s been in the business of empowering people. She’s empowered her teams to collective success. She’s empowered individuals, groups and organizations to embrace perspective as a tool for deeper satisfaction and personal and professional accomplishments. And she’s empowered authors, small business owners and entrepreneurs with communications and marketing strategies to help them reach their goals.

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