Calling all Authorpreneurs.

Unlock the business of the book business.

  • Create a business that brings your message to life for readers.
  • Generate clarity on the business your readers and clients need.
  • Leverage systems and processes to ensure your business thrives.
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The moment you wrote and published a book, you became an authorpreneur.

You are a business owner whether you know it (and embrace it) or not.

Own authorpreneurship proudly because you, author friend, are on an entrepreneurial journey. However, like most endeavors, you don’t have to navigate it alone. We’re here to help you uncover your business potential and share tried-and-true innovative solutions to help you, your book, your business and your message not just survive, but thrive. Gain clarity on your business offerings, uncover processes to help you increase capacity and quality, explore marketing efforts to increase your visibility while articulating your brand and become the authorpreneur your message deserves during the Author emPact Summit taking place October 27-29, 2023.

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Leverage the authorpreneur equation for business success.

Gain clarity on your unique value, use targeted marketing systems to support it and watch your authorpreneur business flourish. Our mission is to assist in refining your message to resonate with your target readers and clients, positioning you as their marketable solution. This is the sweet spot where businesses thrive and authorpreneurs soar.

Participate in the Author emPact Summit and benefit from …

  • Developing a business strategy to help you achieve the success you deserve and what will keep the business focused on methodical movement.
  • Gaining clarity on your authorpreneur business offerings and articulating messaging to promote it.
  • Discovering essential business tools for successful planning and support, including project management, CRM, email services and more.
  • Creating a platform for visibility and engagement efforts with current and potential clients.
  • Headshots, branding photos and a video business card to assist in business promotion.
  • Marketing templates and systems to stabilize and grow your business.
  • Networking with authors building or growing their authorpreneur business, too.
Interested in attending the Summit?

Stephanie shares insights on what attendees should expect while also exploring the event site location.

Feeling overwhelmed, trying to wear all the hats and juggle too many balls?

Running any business, an authorpreneur one included, can be overwhelming. Balancing writing with entrepreneurship can feel like juggling multiple responsibilities, leaving you wanting to throw in the towel. But don’t give up! Invest in your business just as you did with your book. By doing so, you’ll realize that your business can and should support you, not the other way around.

Here are some of hats authorpreneurs wear and how we help you wear each proudly.

Author emPact Summit Authorpreneurship

Tell the world about your business.

Don’t shy away from the solutions you have to problems your target clients are facing. Through message and offering clarity, you’ll be able to not just speak your target clients’ language, but you’ll attract them too.

Gain confidence to stop hiding.

When your brand is clearly articulated, you can and should shout from the rooftops about your business. Gather marketing assets and business models/frameworks to help you do so with ease and confidence.

Get smart about your business moves.

Plan for success from the start with our “look back to move forward” approach. Every business move should be strategic, and having your business goals in mind will ensure that you build a thriving business.

Prepare for droughts and downpours alike.

The backend of your business is more important than the front end, and yet, it’s frequently overlooked. Ensure that your business systems, processes and structures are designed to help you grow while stabilizing in the process.

People buy from and invest in people.

In addition to your offerings, you are your key differentiator. Ensure your personality shines in your messaging, marketing assets and content strategy. Photos, videos, marketing tools and visibility strategy should highlight you.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Leverage processes, workflows, SOPs and other templates from an authorpreneur who knows what you need and what works so that you can focus on your unique offerings instead.

Get a sneak peek of the Summit space.

The Hopewell House is a dream, literally! Look outside the space attendees are staying, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. The space has 4 bedrooms, each at double occupancy. Hotel options are available for an additional charge.

Author emPact Summit: Hats of Authorpreneurship

October 27-29, 2023 | Greater Louisville, Kentucky Area

This Summit is designed for Authorpreneurs who are ready to level up their business. Navigate the tabs below to learn more about the each meaningful part of the Summit.

Day 1: October 27

10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Meet + Greet
  • Lunch + Dinner Included
  • Marketing Strategy Sessions
  • One-on-One Strategy Sessions
  • Business Reflection + Free Time

Day 2: October 28

7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

  • Breakfast + Lunch + Catered Dinner Experience
  • Headshot and Branding Sessions
  • Video Interview Sessions
  • Marketing Strategy Sessions
  • Business Reflection + Free Time

Day 3: October 29

8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

  • Breakfast Included
  • Marketing Strategy Sessions
  • Wrap Up and Send Off

To build or grow an authorpreneur business, you need a plan.

Many times we are in the grind of daily work, and we don’t prioritize ourselves or our businesses. Reflection time is critical to assess what is working and what isn’t, what success looks like and how to track it, and where you want to go and the steps you are going to take to accomplish your goals.

Authors who want to build thriving and sustainable businesses that align with their book’s message need a plan, clarity on their offerings and systems to make that happen. We are poised to support you in developing those during the Author emPact Summit.

During the Summit, benefit from group and one-on-one strategy sessions which will help you…

  • Deepen your understanding of your target reader/client and identify their needs.
  • Clarify your business messaging, core offerings and identify your unique differentiator.
  • Utilized our “working backward to move forward” approach to ensure you have a sustainable business and capacity to grow accordingly.
  • Take advantage of templated processes, systems and tools to help your business run smoothly.
Author emPact Summit Speaker

Your visual story should complement your business story.

Every authorpreneur is navigating several stories! The written one (obviously) is shared through books. The spoken one is gifted from stages. The visual one, however, is a story that some authors overlook. A single photo can be game-changing for an author; imagine what multiple branded photos can do for you!

Photos will be taken during the event, and you can expect to receive…

  • 2 digital author headshots
  • A 30-minute mini brand photo session which includes 5 digital brand photos 
  • 4 digital photos of you interacting with “clients” or presenting

These photos make great assets to utilize in building your author platform, specifically when it comes to websites, social media and marketing materials to support your authorpreneur efforts.

Author emPact Summit Speaker

Show them you mean business … an authorpreneur business.

It’s one thing to write your message; it’s another thing to share it. When readers and clients look to invest in your offerings, they want to see you and hear from you directly. People buy from people! That’s where a video business card comes in! 

During the Summit, we will capture footage needed to create your video business card which includes an author interview, footage of you interacting with “clients” and conducting a presentation if applicable. A 2-3 minute video business card is a meaningful outcome of this event and will position you to build or grow your business. 

Here’s what you can expect during the event…

  • You will have a 30-minute video interview to help package your message and share your story.
  • Footage captured of you with attendees to serve as client interactions.
  • If presentations are a part of your suite of offerings, you can get footage of you conducting a presentation for inclusion.

If you want to build or grow a business, your target audience needs (and wants) to see you in action!

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What is included in the investment?

The Author emPact Summit is an emPactful (and cost effective) solution for you to get the marketing tools you need to build or grow your authorpreneur business. Hats of Authorpreneurship is a $5,800+ value at a $2,950 investment. Below outlines specifics of what is included with that investment.

The Hopewell House has space for 8 people to sleep comfortably with double room occupancy. Lodging on the property is included in your investment, however, if you prefer to stay in a nearby hotel, we are happy to share details about one that is close. Cost for lodging outside of the Hopewell House is not included in your investment.

All meals and snacks are also included. Our team takes great care in ensuring that dietary restrictions are accommodated. You will receive an intake form upon registering where you can articulate any dietary needs. Also, on Saturday evening, we will be hosting a personal chef who will be cooking a 3-course meal for attendees. Delish!

You will get the opportunity to share your personal and business’ story to be included in a video business card (VBC). Think of a VBC as a digital solution to allow potential clients, readers and collaborators to get a feel for you, your message and your business. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to do a brief presentation for footage as well as participate in b-roll footage for your VBC and those of the other authors in attendance. Our team will utilize the footage to create a 2-3 minute VBC for you.

Participate in a 30-minute author brand photo session and receive 5 digital photos from the session. Participate in a headshot photo shoot and receive 2 digital photos from the session. Also receive 4 digital photos from you interacting with “clients” or presenting. These assets can be used for marketing materials, on social media and on your website to tell your brand story.

Engage in multiple group and one-on-one strategy sessions designed to deepen your core business messaging, gain clarity on your business offerings and utilize a “look backward to move forward” approach for capacity and budgeting purposes. During these sessions, the team will discuss business tools and share templates and workflows as well as marketing solutions to help you increase visibility and close sales!

Meals are included as outlined in the agenda, and the Day 2 Dinner is a 3-course catered meal by a local chef. Professional makeup is also included on Day 2 for photos and videos. The Hopewell House also has acres of land perfect for hiking and a pond where you can canoe or kayak. Axe throwing and bonfire enjoying are also musts!

your investment

Author emPact Summit

The Hats of Authorpreneurship Summit awaits!



The Author emPact Summit includes:

  • Multiple group and 1:1 strategy sessions
  • A 2-3 minute video business card
  • 5 digital photos from an branding photo session
  • 2 digital photos from a headshot photo session
  • 4 digital photos from speaking opportunities
  • Business and marketing template tools, systems and best practices

Meet your Author emPact Summit team.

emPower PR Group Stephanie Feger Headshot


Chief Strategist

Jesse White


Director of Operations

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emPower PR Group Stephanie Feger Headshot



Secure your spot at the Hats of Authorpreneurship Summit.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a moment to get into the nitty gritty specifics. Not all authors have the clarity and assets to build or grow a business. This event is poised to allow authors to do what we do best… support one another in spreading our messages and building sustainable businesses.

Through group and one-on-one marketing strategy sessions, attendees will work closely with the emPower PR Group’s chief strategist, Stephanie Feger, to articulate their business messaging, goals and strategies, frameworks and processes and more. The Summit is a blend of strategy and execution, complete with marketing asset development to align.

Attendees will take part in a presentation opportunity, b-roll footage of client interactions and a 30-minute interview with the videographer, creating footage for us to develop a 2-3 minute video business card to use in their efforts.

Professional photos are also a meaningful part of every author’s book and business journey. Chanel, our photographer, will round out your marketing asset toolkits with 2 author headshots, a 30-minute brand photo session, and 4 photos of you on interacting with clients or presenting to use in your marketing efforts.

The event is jam-packed and filled to the brim with value. This event is a great fit for you if you are an author who wants to build or grow a business.

Unfortunately, most authors don’t become successful business owners overnight! Even if you have an amazing message to share, readers, clients and collaborators want to understand why they should invest in you before they do. A video business card offers potential clients the opportunity to learn more about you before making their decision. Author headshots, branding photos and photos of you interacting with clients are also necessary in your promotional efforts. 

Having the opportunity to development these assets in unison ensures that your author brand is connected and consistent. It also increases your professionalism and, in turn, you are telling others that you mean business! Gathering these materials now ensures that you’ll have all the tools you need to be successful at making your author emPact. 

No worries! If your author brand isn’t developed, this is a service the emPower PR Group offers and is included in your investment. Ideally, you would have your author brand in place prior to the event so that photos, messaging, clothing, etc. will align. If this is a need that you’d like our help with, let us know and we can get started on it prior to the Summit.

Lodging is included in your investment for those who opt to stay on the property at the Hopewell House in a double occupancy room. Room selections will be made prior to the event and attendees can request roommates. However, we are happy to share a hotel recommendation near our Summit space for those looking for off-site lodging.

To get the most out of the experience, we do ask authors to attend the entire duration of the Summit. While travel accommodations and lodging modifications may require special circumstances, we encourage attendees to take full advantage of every second the Summit offers.

Sure thing! The Author emPact Summits take place in the Greater Louisville Kentucky area. If you are traveling from out-of-town to attend, make sure to book your flight into Louisville’s airport (SDF) and share with our team your travel details so we can assist.

Our Summits offer a limited number of spaces for attendees. Once we hit capacity, we will hold a waitlist in case there is a need for a cancellation. To ensure that we can plan accordingly, we don’t offer refunds unless the spot can be filled by a person on the waitlist. If an author cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances, our team will provide an alternative coaching solution to align with their investment.

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