Solving the Entrepreneur Equation

In today’s competitive business landscape, entrepreneurs are constantly evaluating how to stand out while ensuring that they fit in.

Growth comes in different shapes and sizes when building or expanding a business, but what’s often overlooked is what it takes to create a business that meets a demand and develop marketing strategies to align accordingly.

Stephanie Feger takes business marketing back to math class. (Although, if math isn’t your thing, rest assured a calculator isn’t required.) After leveraging her approach to grow her own business and help entrepreneurs around the world grow theirs, she’s delighted to share marketing insights on how to solve the “Entrepreneur Equation” to drive business and market accordingly.

Leverage the Entrepreneur Equation Guidebook to help you:

  • Embrace the Brownie Principle to uncover the problems your target clients have.
  • Gain clarity on your differentiator and how to use it to drive business.
  • Solve for “X” by identifying their marketable solution and embracing marketing approaches to help entrepreneurs do more of what they love, and less of what they may not enjoy (ahem, marketing may be on that list).

Learn more about Stephanie’s book, Make Your Author emPact and see how a book could help you build or grow your business too.

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headquartered in Kentucky

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