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The first step in tackling any project is believing you CAN! Let me tell you, where there’s a will there’s a way, and the emPower PR Group is here to guide your way. If you are looking to take lead in your marketing efforts for your business or your book, we are here to emPower you to do just that. It all starts with believing in yourself, in your business and in your product or service. From there, let us guide you with the tools and resources you need to achieve the success you seek. Welcome to the emPower Academy.

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From Idea to Course in 21 Days

Looking to develop an online course that parallels your business or your book’s powerful message? This unique customized workshop will help you create the passive income that supports your area of expertise, allowing you to reach new people in new ways! In 21 days, you will clearly identify your target audience and their needs, create compelling content, build out an online course, and learn how to utilize Facebook advertising among other promotional efforts to spread the word about your online course. This just may be the most productive 21 days you’ve ever experienced!