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Embrace the broken. Empower the beautiful. Experience breakthroughs.

Far from perfect, we are all a broken people searching for mortar to fill in our gaps from cracks pain and hardships create. Many feel discouraged, defeated, worried, filled with concern and overwhelm.

Brokenness can do that to anyone. But it doesn’t have to.

Something amazing can happen at the exact spot where brokenness lives. There lies the potential for something incredible; the gift to piece all parts of us back together in a way that makes us more beautiful and even stronger than before.

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Our Savior is our mortar.

He helps us transform through our hardships to be a beautiful representation of His image and likeness. No brokenness is too messy for Him; no hardship too big.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:18

Broken & Beautiful Retreats offer women an intentional and Spirit-led pause to reconnect, recalibrate and rejuvenate.

We were made for community, we learn from one another, and our brokenness is at the heart of what connects us. Learn more about how you can experience a Broken & Beautiful breakthrough.

Bible Studies

Invite your community to be inspired by Scripture-lead stories of redemption.


Invite Stephanie and Shannon’s stories of brokenness and hope into your life through their books.

Meet Stephanie & Shannon

Two Women. One Shared Mission.

Both authors found themselves at a retreat, unaware that their time together would be a Divine Appointment. The two uncovered their mutual love for Jesus, their passion for writing and a budding friendship that was destined for more. They always knew God had a plan for their paths to merge, but both got goosebumps when they realized Broken & Beautiful Retreats may be His way. 

Stephanie Feger

A woman of faith her whole life, it was middle-of-the-night moments that change her life’s trajectory. In the thick of pregnancy insomnia and work stress, Stephanie found her fingertips on the keyboard, capture her conversations with God. Those writings were the beginning of a book; that book the beginning of a business; and that business the beginning of many relationships, including the one that invited her to meet Shannon.

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Shannon Carroll

She grew up in a Christian family and the church, but it took broken experiences of miscarriages, PTSD and her husband’s stress-induced amnesia to bring her to a place of purpose. She serves as a pastor’s wife and approaches life often through her lens as a registered nurse and wellness educator. Shannon knew from the first time she met Stephanie that God had something super special planned for their relationship.

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Embrace the beautiful person you are despite feeling broken.

Become the beautiful and restored woman God calls you to be. Dive deep into Scripture, let your creativity spark during creative therapy sessions, and meet other women who are on the same broken to beautiful journey. Broken & Beautiful Retreats take place at various locations in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Here’s the 2024 Broken & Beautiful Retreats Schedule.

Whispers of Faith
February 25-27, 2024

Whispers of Faith

This retreat is designed for women on a transformative journey into the power of prayer, deepening their connection with God and seeking comfort in their brokenness. Whether you’re a seasoned prayer warrior or just starting, enjoy a welcoming space for to deepen your faith and experience the profound joy of God’s presence. Join us for an unforgettable retreat where brokenness transforms into beauty, guided by the whispers of faith toward peace and renewal.

April 11-13, 2024


This retreat is a sacred journey of self-discovery, crafted for women seeking the profound truth of our unique identity in context of faith. Join other sisters of Christ to explore the intricacies of our unique design while honoring the broken parts of who we are. Recognize that even in our imperfections, we are beautifully and wonderfully made, and explore how we are handcrafted by the Creator, each a masterpiece, intricately woven and custom-made in Him.

August 22-24, 2024

New Season. Same Reason.

Just as nature transitions in seasons, our lives often undergo similar shifts leaving us feeling broken, uncertain or in need of direction. But just as the leaves transform, so can we. This retreat explores how brokenness can birth positive change when remaining rooted in faith. Discover how brokenness can become a catalyst for growth. You can’t control life’s seasons, but when your roots are grounded is His soil, your reason never waivers.

Broken and Beautiful Retreats Bible
October 17-19, 2024

Broken & Beautiful

Brokenness is not a weakness, it’s a testament to our strength and a demonstration of faith. Acknowledging vulnerabilities can lead to personal growth and resilience. During our signature Broken & Beautiful Retreat, uncover how Jesus embraces the broken and offers healing in its place. Brokenness isn’t something to hide from; it’s something to surrender to Him, inviting His resurrection power into your life so redemption is possible.

November 11-13, 2024

Giving to the Giver

Ministry life can be demanding, and often the women and wives who selflessly serve alongside their families in ministry are in need of taking an intentional pause. This retreat acknowledges the importance of nurturing those who play a pivotal role in supporting their families and Christian communities. In the midst of pouring into others, it’s time for you to receive, rejuvenate and rediscover the strength within. Allow us to give to you, a Spirit-led giver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in attending a forthcoming retreat, joining a weekly livestream, utilizing a Bible Study in your church community or more? These FAQs offer additional insights to assist you on your Broken & Beautiful journey.

While Shannon is the wife to a pastor of a church in Southern Indiana and Stephanie a member of a Christian church in Louisville, the Broken & Beautiful Retreats is not affiliated with a specific church or ministry. Shannon and Stephanie have created Broken & Beautiful Retreats to meet a need they identified in their communities and love to offer women of various Christian denominations the opportunity to find beautiful elements of our broken lives and world.

Great question! While Stephanie and Shannon began their collaborative ministry with the intention of hosting women’s retreats, she quickly realized that the concept of “retreat” isn’t bound to a time-frame. Instead, it’s an intentional pause used to deepen one’s faith. With that in mind, they continue to let the Lord guide their steps on how He wants them to share His message. While their 2-night retreats offer the most immersive experience, they also have a weekly livestream, Bible Studies and books that provide reflection opportunities.

Absolutely! Stephanie and Shannon love learning the unique needs of your women’s ministry and creating a meaningful experience for your community. While they host a select number of retreat experiences throughout the year, they also collaborate with other organizations, churches and groups to bring their approach to these communities. Send an email to [email protected] to explore how you can work together.

Shannon and Stephanie host the Broken & Beautiful Podcast, which is a weekly livestream turned podcast. Join these two live on YouTube and Facebook or tune into their forthcoming podcast which will release in 2024 on your favorite podcast platform.

Broken & Beautiful Retreats will release their first Bible Study in 2024. Be sure to join the community and get on the email list to be among the first to learn of its release.

Stephanie and Shannon have both published books themselves. Learn more about Stephanie’s books by visiting Learn more about Shannon’s books by visiting Together, they plan to publish their first co-authored book in 2024. Join the email list to be among the first to learn release dates!

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