What Authors Need to Know About a Book Budget

Beyond the Page

Very few people (authors included) are comfortable talking about money. Sure, who wouldn’t love discussing royalties, but the financial investment it takes to bring a book to life isn’t a topic of conversation many enjoy and look forward to. However, when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing a book, it’s a topic that any … Read More

Use a Podcast to Get On a Podcast

The emPowered Author Podcast

Did you know that hosting a podcast can help you be a guest on podcasts? Hosting a podcast can give other hosts a glimpse into you, your message and your delivery techniques. And boy, will they appreciate that in every marketing effort. Being a guest on podcasts will help you reach people that you never ever … Read More

Use a Podcast for Opt-Ins and Lead Magnets

The emPowered Author Podcast

Gone are the days where your target reader and/or client will dive into your community without getting something in return. Getting these people on your email list is pivotal for you, but they won’t give up their prime inbox real estate for nothing. Cue the marketing jargon that makes most authors nauseated: opt-ins, lead magnets … Read More

A Podcast is a Powerful Authorpreneur Tool

The emPowered Author Podcast

Are you an authorpreneur? Do you even know what that word means?! Well, if I were to take a guess, I would say abso-freaking-lutely you are! If you are an author, you get the beautiful privilege of adding authorpreneur to the list as well because the moment you launch a book, you are also launching … Read More

Use a Podcast with an External Book Launch

The emPowered Author Podcast

When most people think about a book launch, they think about an external book launch—a hard launch to the masses. As you consider your external book launch approaches, remember to reflect on your target audience and niche, niche, niche! An external book launch is always exciting, but think about how exciting it could be with … Read More

Use a Podcast with an Internal Book Launch

The emPowered Author Podcast

Launching a book is scary, invigorating and every emotion in between. I know this because I’ve lived it. I remember the day that I launched my first book, and it brought with it a wave of emotions. But I thank my launch team who provided me support along the way. Had I been emPowered with … Read More

Every Author Needs an Author Brand (And Hint … That’s Different Than Your Book Brand)

Louisvillekybrandingphotographer 11

There are a few words in the marketing world that some may think are of a different language altogether. Phrases like … lead magnet and nurture sequence … or words such as opt-in and platform.  As I strategize with authors, however, I realize that the word itself may not be unheard of. Instead, it’s likely … Read More

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