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To make your author emPact, you need to ensure people can buy your book!

In the industry, this is called distribution. But to authors, it means ones word: Amazon.

Stephanie has pulled together some Amazon insights and best practices to help you take full advantage of the platform and ensure you stick out amongst the vast competition. Check back regularly as resources will be added as they become available.

Stephanie walks you through all of the amazing things Amazon has to offer authors in this series of videos. 

Additional Author Resources

“… each chapter is like tapping into a world-class coach…”

Make Your Author emPact helps writers, authors and authorpreneurs who want to make an emPact—and know marketing will make that happen—but are unsure of the next right move. Whether traditionally published, self-published or somewhere in between, Stephanie distills marketing strategies and tactics that help sell more books, increase reach and achieve an author’s why. 

The emPowered Author Podcast

“… she packs so much into each episode which I appreciate…”

The emPowered Author Podcast is a deep-dive, share all the good stuff marketing podcast for nonfiction authors who know the power of marketing and want innovative strategies and tactics that are realistic, attainable and emPactful. It’s a one-stop-shop for marketing insights from an author who has been there, done that, and knows exactly what author’s need.

Make Your Author emPact

“… a wealth of knowledge and fresh ideas on how to market my book…”

A robust YouTube channel complements the value-focused mindset of the emPower PR Group. It is regularly updated with fresh content, new trainings and livestreams on topics relevant to authors no matter where they are on their book marketing journey. From writing a book, selling books and building an authorpreneur business, the YouTube channel is worthy of visiting.

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headquartered in Kentucky

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