Well hey there, nonfiction author.

We are so glad you are here, AND we are ready to help you.

In fact, we help authors …

The bottom line is that we are in the business of … well … emPowering you, nonfiction author, with the marketing solutions you need to reach the people who could benefit from your message most.

It’s that simple (to us anyway)!

Writing a book is hard. But, if we’re being honest with you, it’s just the beginning. Successful books require strategic marketing. We know this because we’ve lived it. Our founder, Stephanie Feger, an author herself, has built the emPower PR Group as a solution for you, taking you from overwhelmed to emPowered.

We’ve got your back, and since 2018, we’ve had the backs of dozens of authors around the globe who have decided that emPowered is something they seek. As a full-service marketing agency just for nonfiction authors, we know what you need and we deliver.

Our mission? You. Your book. And your business.

We empower you with laser-focused marketing strategies and tactics so you can do what you do best … emPower others.

Every move we make is strategic because we believe that movement
without strategy is movement without purpose.

Here’s how we got started …

I’m Stephanie, and I’m pumped you’re here!

Throughout my life, I’ve been in the business of empowering people. From emPowering teams to motivating volunteers in communities across the nation (and now, emPowering authors), I’ve contemplated changing my middle name to … well, emPower. (Okay, just kidding, but seriously, I think emPowerment is in my blood.)

After working in the communications industry for more than 15 years, I had this weird itch to do something crazy. (You know what I’m talking about because you, too, have that itch.) I never expected to write a book, but something within me told me that the world needed a message I had to share. And I couldn’t shake the itch until I made this newfound dream a reality.

Days before the book launched, my book coach requested that I present my launch plan to her coaching cohort. So I pulled my thoughts together and in the middle of my favorite cafe, I put on my headset and did a virtual presentation on my launch plans. Immediately after my presentation concluded, my phone rang. My book coach and my publisher were wanting to connect with me. And pronto.

I thought I was in trouble.

Instead, it was quite the opposite.

Both asked me how I came up with my launch strategy, and I reminded them that marketing is what I went to school for, not writing. Marketing was my jam. I knew it like the back of my hand.

That day I realized that a whole group of amazing people with game-changing messages consistently found themselves lodged between writing a book and marketing it … and most would rather clean toilets than engage in marketing activities. (I’m serious … I’ve had an author literally tell me that before!)

That itch I had … to publish a book … pushed me to merge my unique expertise with my life’s passions. I’ve always wanted to help others share their skills with the world. I’ve always worked to emPower people who sought to emPower others. Now, as an author and authorpreneur, I decided to bring my marketing, communications, and public relations skills to your unique needs and help you reach your goals!

The emPower PR Group was born.

Together with a team of highly skilled marketing experts, the emPower PR Group blends personal experience with innovative marketing solutions to ensure those who need to hear of a message, a book, an author or a brand, do!

That book that I wrote … the one that changed my career trajectory … just so happened to be about perspective, and perspective is our secret sauce here at the emPower PR Group. In fact, it’s a perfect compliment to emPowerment.

So, why us?

In a world full of choices, why choose us? The answer, in our opinion, is simple.

We know you. Because we are you.

You have a message that the world needs, and your voice deserves to be heard.
You have work to do, and you need support to make it happen.
You are a thought leader, and you can make an impact and leave a legacy.

Our founder and chief strategist, Stephanie Feger, has been on this nonfiction journey, and she knows what works, what’s worth it, and where to invest your energy and your budget. Her strategic perspective paired with a team of innovative marketing experts becomes your recipe for success.

Through her book marketing journey, what’s the most important thing Stephanie has learned along the way?

Don’t give up, or give in, or give way. Instead, give value, always.

Ready to become the keeper of your success?

Stephanie doesn’t do all of this alone. (And neither should you!)

Let’s meet your emPowerment team.


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